6 Replies to “My New Shoes”

  1. Nice! Did you score those on eBay or somewhere local? I’m a fellow shoe addict. I found some amazing red leather t-strap pumps (that were never worn and look like real vintage!) at Value Village a few weeks back for $5.99.

    I’m currently contemplating an order from Zappos Canada. If you want in (more people means cheaper shipping!) let me know.

  2. Those are so hot! Although I don’t want to talk about shoe shopping right now, because your feet get bigger when pregnant and you’re not really supposed to buy shoes until after the baby is born. Which sucks, because I saw some really hot boots for under $40. Oh well.

  3. @Jan – LOL! I’ve be 20 ft tall!!

    @Karen – Zappos? I’ve not heard of them. I’ll have to Google. Do they have non-leather shoes (but a vegetarian, I don’t wear leather).

    @Stacia – Yikes! Having to pass up a good deal on hot boots! But I’m sure the little Navy Bean will make it all worthwhile upon her arrival!

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