BarCamp 2008

Spent the morning in the WordCamp section of BarCamp Vancouver, a session talking about all things WordPress.  As you can tell from my URL, my blog is on and I have been very happy with WP ever since I moved over from Blogger back in January.  But the more of these WordCamp type events I go to – and the more other bloggers I talk to – the more I realize that I need to move towards self-hosting.  There are just so many fun plugins that users get to play with.  Suppose I’ll need to look into where I should have my site hosted (suggestions welcome!).

Now I’m in the “What is a Co-op?” session. The idea here is the gauge the interest developing a tech co-op. As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of co-ops.  I dumped my old bank1 to move to a credit union. I am a member of the Car Co-op. So I’m interested in finding out what the thoughts are on creating a co-op of techies.

1Well, pretty much dumped it. I have to keep my student loans with the bank, because if I move them elsewhere, then they wouldn’t be “student” loans anymore and since interest on student loans is tax-free, it’s in my interest to keep that student loan status. Once those loans are paid off, I’ll be able to be free of the bank!

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  1. I’m using Dreamhost for my domain reg and hosting. However, I’m hosted under someone else’s account, which makes updating tricky because I have to ask them to do it instead of doing it myself. But they’re good about getting back to us with any questions or problems we’re having.

  2. I’ve got two accounts with Site5 (neither of which for my blog, strangely) and they’ve been a pretty decent service to work with. One is for the old Armada site, which I foolish pay for year to year. The second I just recently set up for something else, and that was a CRAZY deal. Something like 10 years for $300 bucks. Looks like the ship has sailed for that deal, though. Anyways, good service, fast tech support: I likey.

  3. Hey Darlin’!

    I just switched from Dreamhost (was good, now BAD) to — There’s an affiliate link on my blog, and any affiliate profits I get until December 1st go straight to Canadian Diabetes – And, believe it or not, that’s $90 if you sign up from that banner ad.

    Also, I’m delighted to help you transfer over your blog and help you set up your self-hosted settings if you like. No worries… I totally love doing it.

    Let me know how I can help!

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