The best line in the English federal leaders’ debate…

… goes to Jack Layton for saying to Stephen Harper: “Where’s the platform, under the sweater1?”

Is anyone else dismayed by the fact that Harper has not issued his party platform?

How, exactly, can you run an election campaign without letting the public know what your plan is?  Even more mind-boggling than that is: polls show the platform-less Harper is in the lead!

1The “sweater” comments refers to the fact that Harper is wearing sweaters in his campaign ads to “soften his image.” You know, his image as a compassionate-less robot would would ignore someone who just fainted.

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  • If the Americans elect Obama and Canadians are brain-damaged enough to hand Harper a minority, let alone a majority, I am going to have to seriously revise my comments re: American electorate stupidity and how much better Canadians are than Americans overall.

    What is up in that video? They all look like they’re about to expire. Is Harper not feeding them? Poisoning them?

    But yes, how Harper can actually be in the lead in the polls here is unimaginable. michael and I are completely stumped.


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