Workiversary Chocolate

Yesterday was my second workiversary.  I wasn’t actually in the office as I teach my class out at UBC on Thursdays, so I was on campus instead.  In lieu of yesterday, I brought in this workiversary chocolate for my co-workers today:

I just realized that I should have put something in the photo to give you a sense of the size of that bar.  Because that’s a gigantic sticky note paper I have attached to it, but with nothing in the photo for scale, that bar could be any size.  When, in fact, it was redonculously ginormous.  Like, a foot long, at least 5 inches wide and probably half and inch thick.  It was the biggest chocolate bar I’d ever seen.  And my co-workers and I polished off 3/4 of it in about a half an hour.  And there were only 5 of us on my floor today (one of whom doesn’t eat dark chocolate!).  I ate mine with my morning coffee, making it taste like mocha!

Happy workiversary to me!

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  1. Of course I join in best wishes for many happy returns of the day (or just enough, if you take a shine to some other path in the future.) However, I thought I should chime in because mechanical issues seem to have struck the blog. At present, I find

    serves up an empty subdirectory. I navigated here by way of the calendar at the root domain, but I suspect a number of readers are presently puzzled or simply missing the blog.

    Demonweed’s last blog post..What You Should Think About Balance

  2. Thanks Kalev! It is very weird. WordPress adds a random “blog” folder to the server every so often, resulting in that problem.

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