A New Type of Assist

I have a proposal for a new type of assist in hockey.

I propose that if you are a winger and you tie up the defenceman (or defencewoman) while screeing the goalie so good that your linemate can just walk right in with puck and pop in the puck in the net, then you should totally get an assist.  Especially when the defencewoman is 17 ft tall and you are just a wee 5 footer.  I’m just saying.

In totally unrelated news, you should have seen this beautiful goal my linemate got when I was tying up the defencewoman last night.

2 Replies to “A New Type of Assist”

  1. This is interesting…. gives value to the Ryan Smyth’s of the world…

    In other assist related news though (perhaps as a counter to your adding assists) – how in the name of all that is good did Scott Hannan and John Michael Liles deserve assists on Darcy Tucker’s bullshit pass from behind the net that sits between Luongo’s pads until our faithful netminder turns around a few times and the puck rolls into the net… I guess the outlet pass and the dump in were pretty important to setting it up, or…

  2. Maybe it’s a matter of the universe trying to even itself out. My work was very important to my linemate’s goal, but I don’t get an assist for it – so someone who doesn’t deserve an assist has to be credited one to keep the universe in balance. =)

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