My Pet Peeves Today

  • People who correct you on totally inconsequential matters. Like when I went into Tim Horton’s and ordered a “multi-grain” bagel. The cashier gives me a look of confusion and then says, with a tone of superiority in her voice “You want a 12 GRAIN bagel?”  Yes, 12 is many, multi, lots of different grains.  Honestly, why do you think the name “12 grain” is sooo sacred it must not be called a lowly “multigrain”?
  • People who take the elevator up one flight.  My office is in the 6th floor.  I usually take the stairs, unless I’m carrying something heavy.  And on those occasions, there’s almost always someone taking elevator up one flight.  One freaking flight. Seriously people – take the stairs!
  • People who stand at the front of the bus when there is plenty of room at the back of the bus.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a bus drive by a stop where people are waiting because the bus driver thinks the bus is full because people are too damn lazy to talk a few step to the back.

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  • I feel you on 2 and 3. And #1, but Dave will say that I do that to him all the time!

    At my work, though, I am always worried (as I silently curse the ‘one floor folk’) that they have a mobility issue or health issue. But it’s far more likely that they are just lazy.

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  • Yeah, I do think about that sometimes too. I’m sure a certain number of those one floor elevator takers do have some mobility issue – maybe they have arthritis, for example, which you can’t tell by looking. But I bet it’s not a lot of them.

    My friend Therese told me about seeing people taking the escalator, which was right next to the stairs, in the building where her gym is, and 5 minutes later she’d see the same person on the StairMaster.


  • I take the elevator two floors up from the SUB basement to the 2nd floor (or vice versa). But that’s because the SUB is so poorly designed that on one end of it you have to go outside to get from delicious bubble tea to the Pride UBC office.

    I usually take stairs if it’s only 1 or 2 floors but I cannot honestly say I would take the stairs for 6 on a regular basis. I sweat at the drop of a hat, so that would probably be unpleasant for me and anyone else around me for the rest of the day.

    I definitely do not take the stairs for getting to my apartment, which is 15 storeys up.


  • Yeah, I get that 6 floors would be lot for many people. It’s the ones that take the elevator one floor even though the stairs are close by that bug me. (Although, i n their defence, in the case of my office, if they aren’t from the building they may not know where the stairs are).


  • re: #3, obviously the back of the bus is haunted. That is the only reason I’ve come up with. People will. not. go up those stairs!


  • LOL! It must be. I don’t get it either – you can have the bus driver, or the automated voice, saying “Please move to the back of the bus” over and over and over again, and people won’t budge. Well, until I yell at them… then sometimes, and only sometimes, they will. Weird.


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