Things of Awesomeness

A LOLcats references and hating on Internet Explorer… together at last!

Props to Jordan Behan, who tweeted about this awesomest of awesome sites.

Also awesome is this cheque seen on the Fail Blog:

I especially like that the memo on this cheque says, “What now, bitches?”

Also, I conferred with my Official Statistician and Tattoo Consultant about the sheer awesomeness of this cheque and his reply was:

We’ve been debating the value of the cheque.  In the text below the cheque, it uses e^(2*pi).  However, we think it actually says e^(i*pi), i being the root of -1.  Best part is, if that is the case, e^(i*pi)=-1.  Wild huh?  I mean, it’s an equation that looks scary, includes the most awesome of numbers (e, i, pi and the unit 1) and yet it all works together with basic mathematical operations – exponentiation, multiplication and addition (oft it’s rewritten as e^(i*pi)+1=0).  Regardless, if it is exp(i*pi) than the cheque is for $0.002.  AWESOME.
Even better, if you go back a few entries, you’ll see this one – definitely related – look at the names. HILARIOUS.  I <3 MATH.
The “this one” in that last paragraph refers to this video, which, upon watching, made my brain explode:

The best part of the whole thing is:

“Do you recognize that there’s a difference between $1 and 1¢?”


“Do you recognize that there’s a difference between half a dollar and half a cent?”


“Then, do you therefore recognize that there’s a difference between $0.002 and 0.002¢?”



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