I Have A New Watch!

So I finally got around to getting a new watch.

I wanted to get a watch that was different from my last watch, since that watch, as you may recall, fell apart.  However, as it turns out, the only women’s watch I could find that includes the interval timer feature is… you guessed it, the fall apart-y model of watch that I had before!

“Interval timer” is a feature that allows you to set your watch to beep at different intervals. In my half marathon training, I like to run what are known as “10 and 1s” – this is where you run for 10 minutes, then walk for 1 minute, then repeat.  The interval timer allows me to set my watch to beep after 10 minutes, then after 1 minute, and repeat.  The only watch I could find that would do this was the “Ironman” Timex watch, which is what I had before it fell apart and the time piece disappeared (I still have the (completely) useless watch strap, but the (actually functioning) time piece – gone).  Oddly, the Timex “Marathon” watch does not have an interval timer. It will take your pulse, but it won’t beep on 10 and 1 for you.  Which seems odd, given that a lot of marathoners and half marathoners run 10 and 1s.  Weird.

Anyway, I decided that, other than the slight problem of falling apart after two (or maybe it was three?) years, this particular model of watch has served me well, so why not buy another one?  And, in fact, I used my birthday money from my sister, so technically she bought it for me.

new watch by you.

I decided to go with black (as opposed to the baby blue that I had before) because I had noticed that a baby blue sports watch actually looks quite out of place when I’m dressed up for work. Which I only really noticed after I’d been wearing it while dressed up for work for ages.  (Becasue I’m awesome like that). I’m hoping that black will be a little les conspicuous.

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