aggies women's hockey 2 by you. This past week, we played our one and only playoff game in the UBC Rec league.  Playoffs were by elimination and, well, we were eliminated. Given that we only lost 7-2 – and we’d previously been beaten by the same team 10-0, 17-2 and 14-2 – we considered it a moral victory.

Tonight is the last regular season game for my other hockey league.  Playoffs are next weekend and then that’s it for hockey for the season1.  My team isn’t going to play in the summer league this year like we did last year. I contemplated trying to find another team to play with2, but I think instead I’m going to take some advanced3 hockey lessons. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from playing twice a week this season, especially from the girls (and our new coach) on my Blazing Blades team who are always willing to give me pointers to improve my game (not mention just trying to keep up with the advanced level of play – trial by fire!).  Now I  think it will do me some good to spend some serious time focusing on improving my hockey skillz4.  So that come the start of hockey season next fall, I’ll be awesome.  And can maybe even score a freaking goal.

1Unless we win the playoffs and get to go to Kelowna again for provincials.
2Also, I’ve had two proposals for a conference in New Brunswick accepted, meaning I get a trip to NB. And so I’m planning to take some vacation time to explore the Atlantic provinces that I’ve never been to before. Which would mean missing a few weeks of hockey and summer hockey seasons aren’t all that long to begin with.
3As opposed to the beginner’s hockey lessons I took when I first started playing hockey.
4Shooting, skating backwards and having the confidence to pivot from skating forward to skating backwards in an actual game – I’m looking in your direction.

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