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Time For A New Tea Pot

I love tea. I drink a pot of tea pretty much every night. It’s something of an after dinner ritual.

This is my tea pot:

IMG_4635 by you.

Let’s talk a closer look, shall we?

IMG_4636 by you.

Yup, you saw that right.  It’s *full* of cracks.  So I really do think it’s time to splurge on a new teapot.

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3 Responses to Time For A New Tea Pot

  1. So, I follow a link in a (very, embarrassingly old) email from a mutual friend (one Mr DK), and one of the first posts I read is about tea?! Sweet! I love tea too…

    Cath@VWXYNot?’s last blog post..Fun, rabbit, fun!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ehh…you won’t feel the pain. Didn’t you deaden all your fingertip nerve cells during your stint as a Donut Hut Slut?

  3. Beth says:

    lol! It’s ture, I did. But I’m envisioning the teapot exploding and burning hot tea covering my entire body. Ouch.

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