How To Use Pandemic Panic For Fun And Profit

Since I’m signed up for several teaching & learning e-newsletters and the faculty list servs for both of the departments in which I teach, I get a lot of notices about education-related events, books, and other resources.  The one that showed up in my inbox today, however, caught my eye:

Dear Education Leader,

Are you growing more concerned about the threat of Swine Flu at your university?

How will you protect students and professors without disrupting the semester?

There are significant implications of closing your campus that would affect not only your academic calendar but also your budget, student life, and ability to graduate students.

More and more college campuses are including the Wimba Collaboration Suite as part of their disaster recovery planning. Online collaborative learning solutions save time and money for administrative staff, professors, and students. Most importantly, everyone stays healthy.

Seriously?  Don’t worry if people start dying in outrageous numbers like they did during the 1918 flu pandemic – even if people have to stay at home because contact with other humans means certain death – the Wimba online course management service means you can still have your midterm exam… online!  Just ignore the rotting corpses of your family in the next room, because it’s time for class and your lecture is being held… online!

Good to see that the fine people of Wimba have your back.


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