I’m Too Tired To Blog…

…so instead of a blog post, I give you a link to photos of me at the half marathon.  I can’t put the actual photos up here, as they are all copyrighted.  And if you follow that link you will see that the photos are very low resolution, you know, so you can’t steal them off their website and avoid paying the huges prices for print copies to “improve Internet download speed.”  The thing I find weird is that there is no photo of me crossing the finish line.  There is a series of three photos of me approaching the (not seen in the photo) finish line – which actually are kinda neat ‘cuz you can see that I’m making a break for it at the end and pulling ahead of the people around me (despite being about to fall ill with a nasty, nasty flu, I might add) – but none of me crossing the finish line.  And you think that would be the most important one, the one they’d be sure to have to sell to you – the one proving you actually finished!  But alas, they do not.  I still think I might buy some – they are a bit pricy, but they turned out so well and, hey, you don’t run a half marathon every day, now do you?

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  • Interesting that a photographer can still charge those kinds of prices for such pictures of a big public event ($15 for a 5×7″?), especially when the previews are so small you can’t really tell if the pictures are any good.

    I understand why wedding photos and other custom portraits might cost a lot of money, but this feels like a bit of a racket. And I’m speaking as someone who appreciates the work professional photographers do, who considered it as a career, and who has several friends in the business.

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  • I think the advantage these photographers have is that there are tonnes of them so they are bound to get several photos of every runner. People are free to take their own photos at the marathon (as you point out, it’s a public event), but it’s surprisingly difficult for your friends and family to spot you in a crowd of 15,000 other runners, even when they know what you are wearing. Heck, Alicia and I were wearing *tiaras* and her fiance and mom didn’t see us!

    Maybe next time I need to get *all* my friends to stand along various points of the route and hope at least one of them gets a shot of me!


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