My Apartment Clones Things

You may recall that my apartment eats things.  Well, I think it was doing that because it needed the nourishment for its latest endeavour: my apartment has started cloning things.  Seriously. I woke up the other day and saw this on my couch:

Pen Cloning by you.

Thing is, I didn’t used to have two of those pens.  I had been using one the previous night to mark the last final exam for the course I taught (that I’d received later than the rest of the exams. I was using that pen because it has four colour options and so no matter what colour the student wrote their exam in (and I swear this is true – some of them write in different colour pen on each page), I’d have a different colour at my finger tips for marking). But I’m reasonably sure that I only had one of those pens. Yet when I awoke, there were two of them!

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