And then my head exploded…

For some strange reason, last night my phone decided that it had too much information on it and it was no longer going to be able to store said information.  So it wiped it all out.  You know, it’s only entire life in that calendar and contact list. No big deal, right?

Mercifully, I had it all in my Palm Pilot desktop software, so I exported both my calendar and my contact list so I’d have a back up copy in case synching my phone wiped it out.  Synching didn’t wipe it out on my desktop softare, but it also didn’t fix my problem – I still got the “there isn’t enough room on your phone for your data” error message and nothing on my phone. So I reinstalled the software, which managed to wipe out the calendar & contact list.  No biggie, I have the backups that I exported, right?  Except that when I try to import those backups, it says the file type is not compatible.  You know, the file I exported from Palm Desktop software earlier in the evening is not compatible with Palm Desktop software. Because that makes so much sense.

I blame the spiders.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can make my freakin’ phone work properly again??  I mean, it still functions as a phone (for the moment, anyway) and despite the fact that it has wiped out my contact list, speed dial still remembers the names and numbers of the people on speed dial, but I really freakin’ need my calendar and contact list!!

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  1. @Derek – I need my calendar on the road with me. I suppose I could carry around a paper calendar book, but it’s not as much fun! I did have an elaborate calendar back up system involving my Palm calendar, Google Calendar and, but I lost it when I had to wipe my computer out due to a virus and haven’t bothered to set it back up. Perhaps I should invest them time into doing so.

    @Shihtzustaff – I’m counting down the days until my contract with Telus is up so that I can buy an iPhone!

  2. It sounds like your much beloved palm pilot may have developed a sick flash memory. It may be like your old honda I read about in on of your previous posts kicking its last breath. Sorry to give you the bad news. Do you need a kleenex ?

  3. Good news update: It appears that a hard reset has made her work again! Props to Kalev, Tsar of Deb0rking, for yet again working his deb0rking magic!

  4. It’s a Palm Treo as well. And thank you for the offer, but it seems to be working now (knock on wood!)

    I can’t wait ’til I can get my own iPhone!

  5. Well if it stops you know where to find me. I would really hate to see your head explode. It would be messy. Who would be responsible for cleaning it up?

    Oh and in case you didn’t know: iPhones rock and Fido is way better than Telus!

  6. @Shihtzustaff: with respect to synching the iPhone with Google Calendar, I’ve heard that doesn’t work very well, mainly because it’s still in beta and the iPhone is designed to sync with Mac’s iCal (annoyingly and confusingly named the same as one of the main open standards for calendar information). That’s why I use Spanning Sync (disclosure: link contains a personal referral code if you want to purchase Spanning Sync–it’ll save you and me $5 each) to sync my iCal to Google Calendar. I expect after I get an iPhone, this will come in quite handy.

    The limitations of synching an iPhone with Google Calendar directly are discussed here:

  7. Hey Kalev – I have my my google calendars synced between home and work and I synced the iPhone as soon as I got it and it worked great. I do not have a mac. I respect your legendary de-b0rking skills but trust me, this works. If there is a problem I will let you know. Within 5 minutes all of my appts were on my iPhone. I just went and got the wonderful work of art that is the iPhone and all of my appointments are there including my repeating events. I am not sure what the problem is perhaps iCal maybe? I don’t know. I do know that my iPhone is perfectly synced with G calendar. It will only sync with one google calendar account but of course you can bring in as many calendars as you want to one account so…

    I just entered an appt on my iPhone. I will see how long it takes to show up on my side calendar.

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