My Poor Smart Car =(

So apparently someone hit my new car. Some cowardly SOB scraped the hell out of my back bumper, knocked out a plastic cap that used to be there… and then just drove off.  No note, no nothing.

IMG_4989 by you.

I noticed it yesterday when I was leaving work. My best guess is that it happened when I was parallel parked somewhere, as I can’t see anyone scraping along my back left side like that when I’m parked in a regular spot, as the Smart is so tiny it’s usually way far into the spot and you’d have to be driving right into my spot to hit me.  But I could envision someone pulling out from being parallel parked behind me and scraping along the bumper.

I can also envision them burning in the seventh layer of hell, which I am sure is reserved for people who hit brand new innocent little Smart cars and then run off, leaving their innocent little owners to pay for the damage.

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