#26 – Past The Halfway Point!

I’m 26/49ths1 of the way through this Blogathon, to be exact.  And I have to say that this is even harder than I thought it would be!  I mean, I didn’t expect it to be a walk in the park to publish a blog posting every half hour, but I’m feel far more drained than I would have expected for just more than halfway through! Seriously, I just had to stop for a full two seconds to think about if “through” or “threw” was the correct word in the first sentence and that’s not the kind of thing that I normally have problems with.  Directions, yes. Spider phobia, definitely. But the difference between “threw” and “through,” not usually one of my problems.  I also almost called Sarah viscous in one of my comments and I honest to FSM had to go to the dictionary to find the correct spelling of vicious.  Because it’s much nicer to call your friend vicious than to say she’s of high viscosity, right?

Mercifully, I have a few guest postings lined up, which gives me enough time to actually breath in between blog postings. Because, for the most part, I’m knocking these babies out with just enough time to reply to comments, answer emails, take the odd photo for an upcoming posting & upload it to Flickr, and then knock the next one out!

And a big shout out to those who have commented, because it really does help to know you guys are out there reading this stuff and to have a chance to chat in the comments section, and to those who have donated to OPT.  The Blogathon.org page says I have 8 pledges totalling $217.46, but when I add up all the donations in my list, it’s actually $252, so I’m not sure how that all shakes out.  But my tired brain is waaaay to tired to even think about attempting to think about attempting to think about their calculation.

1Or I will be as soon as I click “publish” on this posting.

3 Replies to “#26 – Past The Halfway Point!”

  1. Thanks, Monique! You may be witnessing me progressively deteriorating over the course of the night (this is more grueling than I'd imagined!), but, hey, that could be entertaining too!

  2. You can call me viscous; I can be thick sometimes. In the UK sense.

    Dude – you are rocking these posts. SRSLY. We're so very proud of you!! Keep up the good work, and check your inbox soon!

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