#28 – Resume of da futur

This posting is an idea that’s been floating around in my head for ages after a conversation that I had with my friend and running partner from my first half marathon, Kelly, on one of her subsequent visits to Vancouver.

Perhaps this is a sign that I am now officially an old fogey, but I just don’t get people who send important emails that should be written in a formal way without spell checking and rife with grammatical errors and  IMspeak.  This is what I’m imagining resumes will look like in the near future:

resume of jane doe

contact info

Email: hotchicky69@gmail.com
Celly: 555-555-6969
My other Celly: 555-555-1234
Twitter hotchicky69
Flickr hotchicky69 – but omg, don’t look all those  nakid pics i posted!! lmfao!


OMG, i would <3  2 get a new job cuz my boss @ my job now is a SUCH a jerk.


bachelor of sci sept 2009-april 2017

high school diploma sept 2005-june 2009
main st. high school


R&D, may 2017-presnet
biotronics labs inc.

  • r’ing & d’ing, lmfao!
  • trying not 2 get caught tweeting @ werk

lab assistant, jan – april 2017

  • prepping lab 4 classes: cleaning glasswear, mixing chemicals
  • assisting undergrads w/lab expts


i have grate multitasking abilitiez: i do msn, google talk, facebook and watch a vid on youtube all at the same time as i talk on my celly

computer skillz

facebook, msn, twitter, research on wikipedia, i have a wicked myspace page. and i’m a level 7 wizard on WoW

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  • Sarah's friend Deepa's husband (how's that for a start? I might as well have just said 'some guy'), anyway, David tells a great story about interviewing this girl for some position, and she's got good experience and presents herself well, but she eventually loses out for listing her primary contact e-mail as jabbatheslut@hotmail.com.


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