#1 – Welcome To Blogathon 2009!

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Well, I must be crazy to be doing this, especially given that I am awake at 0600 hrs1 on a freakin’ Saturday, but here is the first of my 491 blog postings for Blogathon 2009!

Here’s how this is going to go down.  I’m gonna blog some stuff; you are going to like it.  To help inspire me while looking for blog topics every half hour, Dave came up with a theme: Stuff Books Taught Me3. However,  I do have a number of blog posting ideas which I’ve thought up over the past year or so (many of which are just a title and a few quickly jotted notes) and since this is as good a time as any to finish those off, I reserve the right to blog things that have nothing whatsoever to do with my theme.  Because that’s the way I roll.  I’ll also have some guest posts mixed in there to keep things interesting.

Please note that with the requirement of getting a posting out every half hour, I won’t have much time for proofreading or wordsmithing or generally being professional in any way, so please be kind!   Also, don’t forget to donate to my charity of choice – Options for Sexual Health – by going to my Blogathon.org page.

You can also check out a list of all the bloggers from around the world who are blogging for various charities here.

And Rebecca has put together a list of all the Vancouver bloggers crazy enough to do this here.  She’s also hosting a meetup at Workspace for anyone who is blogathoning today, so I may head over there at some point.

Now, I must go hunt down a coffee.  See y’all in a half an hour!

1Now that I work direclty in the health care system, I speak of time in 0600 hr, 1600 hr etc. Because we are awesome like that.
2One every half hour for 24 hours, plus one final one at 0600 hrs tomorrow to cap it all off.
3Or, as my blog tag calls it: Book learnin’

blog468x60 by you.

Don’t forget to donate!

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