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Blogathon: By The Numbers

Because today I feel like writing a blog posting about as much as I feel like having my intestines removed with a dull knife… instead I give you: numbers!

# Blog Postings: 49
# Guest Postings1: 8
# Hour of Blogging 24
# of litres of diet Pepsi consumed: 32
# Page Views 1720
# Comments too many to count!
$ raised for OPT by NTBTWK $4023
# Donators: 104
Total raised by all the bloggers in the world! $44,847.00

1Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to my guest posters!
2approximately 1 L of diet Pepsi and 2 L of diet Pepsi Max! Diet Pepsi Max has ginseng in it. Ergo, healthy.
3The page says, inexplicably, that I only raised $346.90, but when I added up all the pledges that were made as listed on my profile page at , it’s $402. I have *no idea* how they came up with this other number.
4The page also has the wrong number of donators – it says 11, but there are only 10 listed when I look in my profile. Again, no idea how they came up with 11. Unless there’s a mystery donator who gave -$55.10…

7 Responses to Blogathon: By The Numbers

  1. amoosefloats says:

    sorry I did not help with any topics but i just had knee surgery and was too doped up to think coherently or even type like a mammal. But i was happy to donate

  2. Dan says:

    I love numbers. I also love graphs. Just sayin'.

  3. drbethsnow says:

    Not to worry – I somehow managed to come up with 41 topics (to go along with my 8 guest posts). Not necessarily 41 good topics, but 41 topics nonetheless!

    And your donation is very much appreciated! Hope your knee feels better soon!

  4. drbethsnow says:

    And don't forget Greek letters!

  5. Kalev says:

    You forgot to mention that Diet Pepsi Max, in addition to having healthy ginseng, has way more caffeine. No wonder you're “still tired” today: you're cold turkey detoxing!


  6. drbethsnow says:

    Right, like I've stopped having caffeine since then! Sacrilege!

  7. Actually, when I read the total you raised in my feed reader, it looked like $4023, which made me happy for you 🙂

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