Proud Owner Of A Shiny New MacBook Pro!

I’m typing this blog posting from my shiny new MacBook Pro!  She’s shiny and beautiful and I am calling her Chloe. 1 The story of how I ended up with a shiny MacBook Pro starts with this:

IMGP0118 by you.

That is what I saw2 when I sat down at Madame Psychosis yesterday evening. I was intending to spend the evening finishing my slides for today’s class and then get to bed early. Best laid plans, right?  Seeing only these terrifying lines upon my screen, I did the only thing that one could do – the old turn-it-off, turn-it-back-on-again.  And the Windows booting up screen came on fine, followed by my desktop…. and then the crazy lines again.  And so it was off to the store and a couple thousand dollars later, I’m the proud owner of Chloe!  I’ve been wanting a Mac for some time now, but I couldn’t really justify buying it when I had a laptop that was functioning perfectly fine3.  Granted, having to purchase it in a mad rush and then get it set up quickly in order to get my lecture ready by the end of the night wasn’t the ideal way to go, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Fortunately, I had been looking at4 MacBooks just the other day, so I had an idea of what I wanted. And also, Tod was more than willing to set up my new baby5 for me while I worked on one of his Macs to finish creating my lecture6, so I was actually able to get the lecture done and get a little bit of sleep rather than having to pull an all-nighter to get the computer bought, set up and the lecture ready to go.   And speaking of sleep, I’m totally overdue for some right now!  So you’ll have to wait to hear more about, and see a picture of, my Chloe!

  1. I know that I had named my office computer Chloe, but the name didn’t really stick, so I’m renaming the office computer “Edgar” and MBP shall be Chloe. They are my gadgets and I’ll emend if I want to. Also, I just learned the word “emend.” []
  2. is it wrong that when I saw this, the first thing I thought was, “I have to get a picture of that. I’m *so* blogging that!”? []
  3. insofar as a PC can be said to be functioning “perfectly fine” []
  4. ok, drooling over []
  5. as well as fix – and improve – some of my PowerPoint slides that I was converting over to Keynote []
  6. one of the many benefits of dating a nerd! []

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