The Bat Cave

FourSquare, for those who don’t know, is a sort of urban game where you use your iPhone or Blackberry to “check in” to locations that you go to and then get credited points that don’t mean anything. If you are the person who “checks in” to a given location the most often (or the most often + most recent or some such), you get to be the mayor of that location1.  Mostly mayorships don’t seem to mean anything, although I believe that some savvy businesses do give FourSquare mayor special deal (like a free coffee if you show that you are the mayor of a coffee shop).  You can check into already existing locations or, if a location isn’t in their database, you can add it.  Like whoever lives at 1601 W. 12th Ave,who apparently dubbed their place “The Bat Cave”:

  1. I’m currently the mayor of 11 locations using the “go places that no other geeks seem to go” and “be addicted to my iPhone” strategy []

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  1. Thank you for explaining this to me. Was to lame to ask Twitter and too lazy to Google.

    I like your strategy, too. Right now I'm mayor of my couch.

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