Can Anyone Recommend a Good Moisturizer ?

Ever since I got back from the Dominican, my skin has been unholy dry.  Like, half my face is flaking off.  I put moisturizer on 6 or 7 times yesterday, but it’s still crazy dry.  (The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but you can sort of see how flaky my skin is. And that’s *after* I moisturized!). Even the skin under my eyes is dry (despite using eye cream), which makes me look like I’m ten thousand years old.

So, yeah, can anyone recommend a good moisturizer?

But not Oil of Olay because Oil of Olay products are cursed.

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  • Book an appointment to the spa for a good facial, no sense putting lotion on dead skin! Or do an at home exfoliation. I just started using Neutrogena oil-free fresh moisture. I like it! It goes on nice and isn't greasy. Been using it since Xmas and my skin is really hydrated.


  • if it's for your face, I have no good recommendations – everyone's skin is so different! But I do second the exfoliation recommendation (be gentle!). Other than that, make sure you're drinking enough water and wait it out. You should be better in a week or so.


  • I (happily) don't usually require any moisturizing (apparently my skin is not dry at all) but I love Body Shop stuff and in addition to a variety of body butters, they have an exfoliating facial cleanser in their Vitamin E line (it's all pink) that is pretty gentle and I expect would provide good moisturizing. Of course, Body Shop stuff is pretty damned expensive. I would totally give you the free Vitamin E body butter I got during one of their promotions (since I've never used it) but there's the whole distance problem.


  • My suggestions are expensive, but:

    1. For everyday use: Philosophy's Hope in a Jar, from Sephora

    2. For intense moisturizing: Aveda tourmaline charged hydrating creme, found at any Aveda salon/spa, also Eccotique

    Given the tagline to my blog, I spend a lot of effort on personal moisturizing.


  • hey beth,

    I interviewed a dermatologist for a story about dry skin at one point*…

    The main thing I remember is that most moisturizers are a barrier to keep moisture in – they generally don't provide moisture in and of themselves** – so they work best if you apply them right after getting out of the shower or washing your face. The idea is that the grease*** in moisturizers traps the water inside your nice hydrated skin and keeps it from evaporating.

    I also get crusty-flaky-nosis as well, you have my sympathy. I recommend picking at it, particularly while you are driving.

    I'd also like to include a shoutout for cocoa butter here. It smells delicious and it's cheap****. It's a bit much for the face, but this might be just one of those occasions that it is called for. I've also been known to use bag balm.

    * I cannot find the story online, however. This makes me wonder if I imagined it.
    ** Humectant moisturizers are, of course, the exception to this.
    *** good smelling grease with a multimillion dollar advertising budget is still grease.


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  • I second the Neutrogena recommendation – I've been using the moisturizer for sensitive skin for over a year and I love it!

    For exfoliation, I alternate between Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Scrub and Lush's Ocean Salt Cleanser. I use the Burt's in the winter because it's pretty thick and exfoliates without drying out, and I use the Lush's in the summer because it's very refreshing.


  • Thanks for the info everyone! I’ve been using the Neutrogenia Oil Free Moisture (I like that it has some sun protection) and, due to this dryness, pulled out a jar of Clinque exfoliant…. But the exfoilant is like a thousand years old, so maybe it’s time for a fresh jar?

    On an unrelated topic, I’m writing this comment onyviphone and discovered that the IntenseDebate comment thingy doesn’t show up when you view my site on the iPhone. Weird.


  • I'm finding it interesting that you had such a reaction, since Vancouver's being unseasonably warm, and I assume just as humid. I wonder if my skin will react when I go, or come back from Maui after a week. We'll see I guess.

    I've never used drugstore-brand moisturizers. My mom's used Clinique moisturizer as far back as I can remember so I kind of developed a taste for the good stuff early.


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