Packing Update

I spent most of today and a good chunk of yesterday packing.  I now have the kitchen1, the bathroom and the bedroom completely packed2.  And I did all my laundry, including all the blankets and sheets3, and I took books back to both the Vancouver Public Library and UBC Library. The things I have left to do before moving day4:

  • pack up my printer, scanner and the various things in my geek drawer
  • pack all the food from my cupboards5
  • make sure everything is saved off old desktop and laptop
  • take old desktop to Kalev’s storage
  • take various computer thingys to Free Geek
  • take books to used bookstore and other crap to thrift store:

In other packing-related news, I was talking to Betty, my former landlady (who used to own the house until they sold it a few months ago, but is renting the upstairs until the end of this month) who said that I can have any of the furniture in my place (as I’ve been renting a furnished place6).  Which means I don’t have to buy a kitchen table and chairs! Yay!  I’m also taking this furniture, which I’ve been using in my kitchen these past three years:

And Betty let me in on a little secret: that’s baby furniture!  The thing I’ve been using as a microwave stand, is in actuality a baby change table!  As soon as she told me that, I could totally see it, but until that point it had never occurred to me that it was anything but kitchen furniture!

But even as the Flying Spaghetti Monster giveth, the Flying Spaghetti Monster taketh away. As I mentioned the other day, I’m making a concerted effort to get rid of things that I really don’t need.  For the most part, it’s been easy to toss things7 – like stuff that doesn’t fit/I don’t like anymore/is expired.  But there were two things that I needed to toss that gave me pause.  One was my old McMaster jacket.  It’s about 15 years old, and pretty wrecked up.  I know that I’ll never wear it again, but it was still tough to throw it away.  I took these photos to remember it by:

And the other thing I had to toss was my beloved eBay shoes!  You remember them, right?  Oh, the times we had!  I didn’t take a photo of them because they were pretty wrecked up and I want to remember them in better times.  I have photos like these to remember them by:

You will be missed, Mac jacket and beloved eBay shoes.

  1. except the food []
  2. I’m staying at Tod’s this week so that I could just pack up everything at my place and not worry about needing to leave some stuff unpacked to use for the next week []
  3. have to take advantage of the in-home laundry while I still have it []
  4. Feb 15 []
  5. stuff from the fridge and freezer will get packed the day of, for obvious reasons []
  6. I have some of my own stuff, but a fair bit of it is theirs. But they are downsizing to a retirement condo so they can’t even keep all of the furniture upstairs, let alone the stuff in the basement []
  7. or put them into the “to donate” pile []

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  • No more MAC jacket? But how will MY jackass ex recognize you if ever you again visit the seating area of the Guelph UC? "I thought that it looked like you, Beth. And then I saw that you were wearing a MAC jacket. And then I saw that the jacket said "Beth". So I figured it was you." What a prize!


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