Canada 18, Slovakia 0

What an amazing freakin’ game!   The crowd at “Canada Hockey Place”1 was electric tonight.  Honestly, it was like watching the team that was on the power play for 60 minutes straight.  Even when Slovakia was on the power play, it looked like Canada was the one with man advantage2.

Usually when a game is a blowout like this, the crowd starts to lose it’s excitement… but not this crowd.  We cheered as loud for the 18th goal as we did for the first. At pretty much every Canucks game I’ve ever been to I’ve seen people leave early, even if the game is close, because they don’t want to have to get caught in crowd leaving.  But not tonight. It didn’t matter that we’d scored the most goals in Olympic history – everyone stayed right to the end!

Apparently Slovakia has only had women’s hockey for 10 years, so you have to give them props for coming out.  Their goalie actually did a pretty good job – the shots were 67-9!

  1. i.e., “GM Place” except for these 17 days in February 2010 []
  2. the “woman advantage”? []

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  • "This photo is currently unavailable" 🙁

    @ctmagnus: don't know where you are but I've been flipping through CTV (cable 8), Sportsnet (cable 22), NBC (cable 17), APTN (cable 70) and a couple of the French channels (don't remember which).

    And to head off some comments to me: Yes, I know I have complained about the tax dollars being wasted on this. But those are my tax dollars so I might as well see them in use than simply cutting off my nose to spite my face and ignoring the games.


  • Cool! I'm seeing the women take on Sweden tomorrow – should be a tighter game!

    But first… this afternoon… Canada-Norway in the men's! GO CANADA GO! I'm wearing my Canucks t-shirt under my Canada jersey; so stoked that Luongo is getting the start.


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