The Internets! It’s ALIVE!

The internets gods have finally deemed me worthy enough to have my very own internets connection in my very own home.  And what a great night for that to happen.  Canada – and Canadian women in particular – kicked some ass at the Olympics tonight and I got to watch it all via the Internet streamed broadcast!  My Internet hookup came just in time to watch the Canadian men kicked some Russian ass at hockey – you know, *Canada’s* sport.  Then I saw the double medals – gold and silver – in women’s bobsleigh and the silver in women’s short track speed skating (3000 m relay). Combine those with Ashleigh McIvor’s gold medal in women’s ski crossClara Hughes’ bronze medal in speed skating in the afternoon and that’s a pretty good haul for the day!

Is 33 too old to take up bobsleigh?

Go Canada Go!

5 Replies to “The Internets! It’s ALIVE!”

  1. You mean Clara Hughes and her bronze, right? Asheligh won on Tuesday (though she got her medal yesterday).

    The Canadian women are kicking ASS in 2010. Of the 15, 11.5 (the 0.5 being Tessa Virtue) have been won by the ladies. And we're guaranteed another tonight. GO GIRLS!

  2. Which url did you use to stream the Olympics?

    And, yeah, Canadian women are kicking ass and taking names. And then there's Joannie Rochette who won just by participating and then delivered a "bronzed gold medal".

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