The Tale of the TV

The other day I tweeted this:


For, you see, it has been a long, long time since I’ve had cable TV. In fact, it’s been almost a decade.  For the year and a bit that I lived with Danielle, we had her TV, but no cable, and even with the bunny ears we were only able to get very fuzzy reception of Global and no other channels. And that hardly counts as having TV.  After she moved out and took her TV with her, I didn’t even have fuzzy Global.  And the place I lived before that I also chose not to have cable, living on a starving student’s income at the time. So the last time I had cable was in the first place I lived (briefly) when I moved to BC in 20001.

For the most part, I haven’t minded not having cable.  Pretty much all the shows I want to watch are available via streaming online, so it seems silly to pay to watch them.  I’d even convinced Tod that we could watch everything we want to online, so he really didn’t need to spend money on cable TV and he recently canceled his cable too.

And then we ran into this dilemma – the Lost series finale.  Now, normally, I don’t mind waiting until a few days after a show airs to watch it2  But the Lost series finale – well,  I don’t think I can wait even one day for that.  The risk of someone saying something or tweeting something and spoiling it is just too great.  But alas – everyone I know who watches Lost seems to be on the east coast!  And since buying a plane ticket to go over to someone’s place to watch the show seemed like a bad financial choice, I needed to figure something else out!  But, unfortunately, no one replied to my tweet! What to do, what to do?

And then last night I remembered – my new place has cable! When I moved in, my landlord told me that cable was included in my rent. And I remember thinking – I should probably get a TV3.  But since I’m so used to not having cable, it wasn’t a priority.  And then I forgot that I even had access to cable!

As luck would have it, Tod had an extra little TV4!  So I brought it home tonight and hooked it up and – huzzah! – I has teh cable.


Now my next task is to plan the feast I’m going to make to, well, feast on while we watch the 2.5 hr series finale of Lost!

  1. and even that I didn’t pay for – the cable company had forgotten to turn it off when the previous tenant moved out []
  2. especially since I have trained Kalev that he’s not allowed to tell me any spoilers!! []
  3. my friend Kim even gave me an old DVD player she had but didn’t need and it’s been sitting in my place collecting dust because I had no TV to hook it up to! []
  4. he has a big TV that we sometimes use to watch DVDs on or hook up the computer to watching online stuff, but he also had a small one for his bedroom that’s been sitting in his apartment collecting dust since he canceled his cable []

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  • You should totally transport the huge TV of Tod’s to Surrey… I mean, it IS the Lost finale, after all!


    Ha ha ha… no, that’s not a real spoiler. Although honestly it would make about as much sense as everything else in this awful season has.

    I’m going to be watch the finale at a friend’s place with two other Losties on HDTV… and since I’m 3 hours in the future, I might just tweet you all sorts of spoilers because hey, it’s not my fault you live in past!

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  • There is no way I’ll have Twitter on that day until until I’ve seen the show. I don’t trust you time travelers from the future!!

    Also – footnote fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

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