Vicious Stairs

Here are the stairs I fell down yesterday:

Day 99

OK, I realize that I only fell down one of these stairs – the very bottom one specifically. But given how beat up I feel today – achy back/shoulder/leg/wrist – I’m revising my story to say that I fell down a flight of stairs. Possibly I was thrown down them. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumour that I just started.

Also, I should point out that this entranceway was clearly *not* designed with a zombie apocalypse in mind. I mean, an enclosed concrete bunker at the bottom of a steep, and poorly lit, set of stairs, and then a locked door to get into your zombie-free home. It’s like they weren’t even thinking when they designed this place.

Which reminds me, I took this screenshot from my sister’s Facebook wall *ages* ago, because it’s freaking hilarious, and have totally forgot to blog it. Until now.