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My New Training Regimen

Had my first hockey game of 2011 tonight. And my first hockey game since December 5, given that I missed so many hockey games while on holidays. Yet *two* of my teammates complimented me on my skating (e.g., “Did you take skating lessons over the holidays? Because it really looks like you did!”) and at a few points in the game I heard the opposing team’s coach yelling a panicked “MAN ON!! MAN ON!!!” to their player who either had or was skating for the puck. For the uninitiated, “man on” is what you yell to alert a player that an opposing player is gaining on them, so they better hustle.  And *I* was the person gaining on them!

How I got speedier than I was in 2010 is, of course, the question.  Over the holidays I did zero exercise. Unless drinking chocolate vodka1 counts as exercise. Which perhaps it does. Because it seems that a steady training program of booze, cookies, caramel corn and sitting on my butt have turned me into a speed demon.  And I’ve been wasting all that time doing hot yoga and running!

  1. I just went to link that to my posting on the chocolate vodka that I made with Dr. Dan over the holidays. And realized I still haven’t posted about that! For shame! []

2 Responses to My New Training Regimen

  1. Darren says:

    I’ve often wondered if they yell “man on” in women’s sports. Now I know.

  2. Beth says:

    It’s true, we do. We also refer to our defending player as “defenceman.”

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