So many things I want to blog about, but I’m so freaking tired that I think I’m going to phone this one in and go to bed. Hopefully I will be able to catch up on some much needed sleep this weekend (since last weekend was full of way too much fun to be worried about such things as sleeping!). And this week I’ve been super busy at work trying to get a bunch of writing done as next week I have 24.5 hrs of meetings (eep!), so won’t have much time to get actual work done. And I do have *a lot* of work I need to get done this weekend – including getting going on a rather important funding application and writing seven reference letters for students1! But I expect that despite the work, my weekly Seawall walk with Jen on Saturday and my hockey game on Sunday, I will still find some time for some sleeping. At least I hope I will!

  1. though it’s seven letters, thankfully they are for just three students – each student is applying to more than one program – so I’ll be able to do repeat the same stuff when I’m writing the second (and third) reference letter for a given student []

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  • Beth, I often think that you’re onr of the few people I know who understands and who can sympathize with how busy my life is, because yours is just as busy, if not busier! My new motto is ‘Embrace the Chaos’ – after all, I’m not making any awesome memories when I’m sleeping. 🙂


  • I know I’m busy, but I can’t possibly be as busy as you! You have two kids, including a teeny tiny baby! But I’m liking the “Embrace the Chaos” motto! I think I’m going to adopt it!


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