Bottled Water Is Bullshit

I don’t think they are doing this intentionally, but doesn’t this ad kind of point out how bullshit buying bottled water is?


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  • Wow… that not only shows how ridiculous bottled water is but also provides a nice illustration of how completely useless advertising is.

    Nothing says nothing so much as nothing.

    Tautology much?


  • I’ve been in the room when hype was being created. Even on the job, sometimes it can get very silly. In retrospect, it got very silly far more often than decorum allowed anyone to acknowledge. Still, this subject got me thinking . . .

    Always wet, never dry — water.

    Water — recommended by rainclouds everywhere.

    Drink all you want. We’ll make more.

    Water — now 0 calories per serving!

    Water doesn’t grow on trees. Trees grow on water.

    Water — because a slice of lemon on an empty glass would be silly.

    Also, Ed Asner and Saturday Night Live deserve credit for this wisest of meaningless ambiguities . . .

    Remember, you can never put too much water in a nuclear reactor.


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