I Needed A Screw

Inexplicably, a screw went missing in my kitchen. One of the cupboards in my kitchen has a jointed door, because it’s the door for the cupboard in the corner. I’m probably not explaining that right, so I’ll show you this picture, what with pictures being worth a thousand words and all:


So, yeah, that cupboard. And one day when I opened it, the door sort of flopped funny and I saw that the joint on the bottom had a screw missing. And I couldn’t find the screw *anywhere*. It wasn’t on the floor and it wasn’t in the cupboard. Where the hell could it have gone??

At any rate, I didn’t have any screws of the appropriate size to fix the door in my extensive screw collection1. So, as the title of this blog posting suggests, I needed a screw.

And it was the dollar store to the rescue:


And now my cupboard door is fixed!  I’m so handy.


Wait, what did you think this blog posting was about?

  1. note: my screw collection comprises a few random screws that I keep in my toolbox and which, for the most part, I have no idea where I got them []

7 Replies to “I Needed A Screw”

  1. It has to be asked: You keep screws in your toolbox? Hilarious. Hilarious long time and repeatedly.
    Also, I’m tired and full of scotch, so I’m going to bed. w00t!

  2. I believe it was part of the elevator in the prison. But I’ve tried to erase the whole sorry mess from my memory, so I may be wrong.

    The wrap party was in a bowling alley. I should have known right then and there…

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