I Am An Evaluation Groupie

When people ask me what my blog is about, I usually say, “It’s about everything except work.” Well, today I’m breaking that rule1 because I just *have* to show you this:

Day 245

Day 232

Yesterday I went to an workshop on Developmental Evaluation2 being run by Michael Quinn Patton. M.Q.P. is sort of the grandfather of evaluation and, being that I’m an evaluator, I was stoked to get a chance to hear him speak. I’ve never seen him before and had heard that he is a very engaging speaker. And he totally lived up to the hype – he conveyed a lot of complex information in a very understandable way, he told a number of wonderful stories that highlighted the concepts he was discussing, and he even did a rant on the term “best practice”3.

At the end of the day, because I’m totally an evaluation groupie, I got him to sign my copy of his Developmental Evaluation book. In case you can’t read what he wrote in the photo above:

In celebration of the complex journey,
Best wishes,
Michael Quinn Patton
Feb 21, 2011″

I can smell your jealousy from here.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s my blog and I’ll prevaricate if I want to. []
  2. to make a long story short, it was about applying systems and complexity theory to the field of evaluation []
  3. I love a good rant!! []

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