Hello, Hockey Playoff Finals! Fancy Meeting You Here!

So it seems that my hockey team has made the finals, being played this afternoon, despite coming in last in our division in the regular season! So perhaps my stick did not give her life in vain1!

The team we play in the finals is the same team we played this morning – we tied 1-1. They are a tough team and we had to play hard to get that tie, so I think we are in for quite a game this afternoon!

Wish us luck!!

Update: We did not win the final. But considering we came in last in our division, were plagued by injuries, and didn’t have a regular goalie for the entire season, we were pretty pleased to make the final and give the winners a run for their money!

  1. incidentally, I saw my stick today! As I was leaving the ice after this morning’s game, I spotted her in a garbage can next to the rink. So splintered! So sad! []