The Riot Act

Oh, but one more thing before I go to bed1. During the coverage of the post-game 7 Vancouver riot, the reporters mentioned that the police had read the Riot Act and, up until that moment, it had never occurred to me that the “Riot Act” was an actual thing. I mean, I’ve heard the expression “being read the riot act,” but I’d never thought much about it. Of course, this got me thinking, “What, exactly, does the Riot Act say?”

Naturally, I did a quick Wikipedia search and found out that it’s actually quite hilarious:

Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life. God Save the Queen.

Ok, you may all now disperse to your habitations. Nothing to see here.

  1. I was reminded that I wanted to blog about this because I noticed that I still had the Wikipedia article open in a tab in Chrome. And yes, I realize that I’m waaay late, as usual, talking about such things. Thank the FSM no one pays me to write this blog, because I’d totally be fired for always being the last person to report on everything! []

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  1. I have finally dispersed to my habitations. I trust there will be no need to pursue further actions against me. Te he: actions against me.

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