Another Summary – A.k.a. I am a delinquent blogger

Since clearly I’m way too busy to actually write all those blog postings I said I was going to write, here’s an even shorter summary of what I’ve been doing since my last summary:

  • Monday was a (mercifully) low key day, after all the crazy busy-ness of the first several days of my trip. I got to walk my niece to school – late, as she slept in, which she apparently *never* does. Clearly I am Bad Influence Aunt. We did, however, learn the sign in procedure for being late at her school. After that I came back to the house to hang out with Nancy, Jeff & my nephew. And also to work on my guest lecture for Dan’s class.
  • I made “chicken” pot pie1 for dinner and then we went to Ed’s Real Scoop for some freaking delicious ice cream.
    Ed's Real Scoop - Types of Cones
  • Then Nancy, Thomas and I headed off to Guelph. Since Dan’s class starts at 9 a.m., we figured it made more sense to head there the night before rather than try to fight morning traffic. Nancy and the baby stayed at her in-laws and I stayed at Dan’s. We may or may not have stayed up until 12:30 a.m. chatting and working. And he may or may not have introduced me to coconut milk ice cream.
  • Tuesday was a day spent in Guelph. Dan & I rocked his class, with my Prezi awesomeness and his stats-y genius. After that we went for lunch at the Grad Lounge2, then meandered around campus – where I haven’t been since I finished my Masters there in August 2000! Then suddenly it was suddenly the end of the day. We took a grand total of 0 photos, despite our best laid plans of taking planking and jump shots. We were clearly too exhausted from being awesome all day to arrange photo shoots.
  • Next it was off to my sister’s in laws for dinner. Dinner of amazing deliciousness – homemade spring rolls, baked potato, deviled eggs, a huge salad, and steak for the meat-consumers. Followed by banana splits! For those of you counting, that was my third ice cream in a 24 hour period!
  • Then it was back to Toronto in time to tuck my wee niece into bed!
  • And now I’m writing this blog posting! Go me!

Plans for the rest of my trip include:

  • Wednesday = Kalev Day
  • Thursday = morning with my mom, Aunt Eileen3, evening = a belated birthday dinner for my dad.
  • Friday = my last day in Toronto!
  1. Or, as my friend Jody has no dubbed it, “brave pot pie.” []
  2. Spicy tofu tacos and beer for me, pork tacos and beer for Dan. []
  3. Who are both retired and thus can meet for breakfast on a weekday morning! []

4 Replies to “Another Summary – A.k.a. I am a delinquent blogger”

  1. Sleep. It’s for the weak. (I say this as someone who recently realized that she hasn’t slept more than 5 hours in a row in over a year. YUCK).

    Am so glad that you’re having fun. Enjoy Kalev day.

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