Leaving Las Edmonton

I’m currently sitting in the Edmonton airport, awaiting my trip home. Something about being in airports compels me to write blog postings. Don’t really have much to say1, but yet I feel the need to blog!

A few random thoughts:

  • Edmonton airport, like many an airport that I’ve been to, is seriously insufficient when it comes to electrical outlets. Given that my iPhone’s battery lasts about three text messages these days, this is a serious problem for me. Thus, I find myself sitting on the floor next to the bathroom a few gates away from my gate – the only place I could find an outlet – and it seems that every time an announcement comes on the PA system, someone runs the super loud hand dryer in the bathroom and I can’t hear what the announcement is. I really hope they aren’t paging me.
  • I got randomly selected from the security lineup for a hand swab. They pulled me out of the long lineup, gave me the hand swab – which took like 5 seconds – and then put me right up to the front of the line, saving me a good 10 minutes of waiting. So, yeah, I’m not complaining about that.
  • I forgot to mention in my posting yesterday that Katie’s upgraded suite, in addition to having the free wine & cheese, had a Keurig single-cup coffee maker, so after our delicious wine and delicious cheese, we had delicious coffee and the delicious dark chocolate that I just so happened to bring with me.
  • When I left for Edmonton, I had not yet found the energy to unpack from the Longest Game, so my living room looked like an RV had exploded into it. I’m really hoping the Cleaning Fairy showed up and my place will be spotless when I get home. There is a Cleaning Fairy, right?
  • Dan and Rick are spending this weekend in Montreal. I am extremely jealous!
  1. The workshop I was at was chalk full of information and thought-provoking goodness for me, but would most likely bore you to tears, so I shall not talk about it here []

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