How Do People Find 8 Hours A Night During Which To Sleep?

Seriously. I go to bed every night with so. many. things. left unaccomplished. I mean, there are many, many things I want to get done and I only get to a fraction of them each day. And even still, I usually only get to bed with about 5 or 6 hours until I have to get up to get to work the next day. Which I know is totally not healthy, but I’m really flummoxed as to how other people find the time to do all the things there are to do, yet still get a proper night’s sleep.

And this is not even counting the normal level of household chores that normal people do, but I don’t do. I often go to bed without the dishes put into the dishwasher1. I often leave for work without making my bed and with my bathroom in disarray as I hastily do my hair and make-up, but don’t have time to put all the products back from whence they came. I own *a lot* of clothes so I can get away with doing laundry just once every other week – sometimes even less when I can’t find time to get the laundry done. And then even when I do my laundry, I rarely find time to put it away – all the clean clothes either sit in the laundry basket or remaining hanging on my drying rack until I next time need to wear them.

So how, exactly, do people get stuff done in their lives AND have time to sleep for 8 hours?

This rambling nonsense has been brought to you by a very tired Beth.

  1. For the record, I don’t have a dirty apartment – I keep my place “clean” in the sense of nothing is growing any new life forms, but it’s generally not very tidy. []

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  1. It’s, uhm, really simple: they don’t psychotically overload their schedules. They don’t play on two hockey teams, have a full-time job, write a book, teach courses, blog shitloads, and train for half-marathons all at about the same time. Or, you know, spend 10 days in a row playing hockey. And they definitely don’t plan to go back to school on top of all of this.

  2. Screw sleep. You’ll sleep when your dead and suchlike. I say more adventuring. And also, walking through life sleep deprived is fun. W00t!

  3. @Kalev – I don’t do all those things at the same time! I’m not teaching any courses this term and I’m not training for any races either. Really all I’m doing besides work right now is the book and blogging and hockey, and playing hockey twice a week doesn’t even come close to the minimum recommendation for physical activity!

    Clearly Dan & Rick & Monica are all right – I am sleep waaaay too much and missing out on other important opportunities.

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