Happy 11/11/1!!

I can’t believe I almost forgot that it was 11/11/1! Props to @MortgageNurse for tweeting about this momentous occasion!

Calendar Number 11

Bingo Number 1

Clock number 11

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  • This is just a warmup for 11/11/11. I suspect from that day forward, humanity will begin to organize the calendar around B.S. (before Skyrim) and A.S. (after Skyrim.)


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  • You’re likely way too active for an addiction like this. However, it might make an interesting case study — I suspect most North American workplaces that don’t already get a holiday on 11/11 will see some percentage of absences from people who have been waiting years for a game like this to be released. If Remembrance Day is a holiday amongst your colleagues, then keep an eye out for a few red-eyed sleep-deprived folks on the following Monday. If you’re sure you’ve found an Elder Scrolls junkie, shout “FUS ROH DAH!” at him or her to form an instant bond.


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