4 Replies to “Happy 11/11/1!!”

  1. This is just a warmup for 11/11/11. I suspect from that day forward, humanity will begin to organize the calendar around B.S. (before Skyrim) and A.S. (after Skyrim.)

  2. You’re likely way too active for an addiction like this. However, it might make an interesting case study — I suspect most North American workplaces that don’t already get a holiday on 11/11 will see some percentage of absences from people who have been waiting years for a game like this to be released. If Remembrance Day is a holiday amongst your colleagues, then keep an eye out for a few red-eyed sleep-deprived folks on the following Monday. If you’re sure you’ve found an Elder Scrolls junkie, shout “FUS ROH DAH!” at him or her to form an instant bond.

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