Today just flew by at work, as days are wont to do when one has a gazillion things they are trying to get done before they go away for the better part of a week1. My flight is at Ungodly Early O’Clock in the morning tomorrow, so I’m pretty much going to get my packing done and then hit the hay. Right after I finish this blog posting, of course.

Packing, for me, is a challenging affair because it highlights my tendency to be indecisive. How do I know if I’ll want to wear a skirt or pants the day after tomorrow? I should pack both. What if I’m in the mood for a red shirt or a purple shirt instead of a black shirt? Better take all three. And then, of course, I’ll need the shoes to go with all the possible outfits, so I’ll throw them into the suitcase as well.  Oh yes, and then I’ll need the corresponding jewelry to round out each outfit. And I might want to go for a workout in the fitness room at the hotel, so I should pack my running shoes and running clothes. And I might do that more than once on the trip, so I should probably take a few workout outfits.

And then there are the unknowns. Is the hotel going to be too hot or too cold2? I should probably pack both my warm PJs and my satin PJs so that I’m prepared for either eventuality. What if I need something fancy, because you never know when you might get invited to a fancy event? What if it snows? Or rains? Or is sunny?  Clearly, I need boots and a toque and an umbrella and some sunglasses.

And, of course, there is my unending list of Things I Need To Do and my unwavering belief that I can do all of them in an impossibly short amount of time. Which means I’ll pack at least five times as much work as I could ever hope to accomplish3 because I’ll be on a plane AND I’ll have two evenings in a hotel before my family comes to join me, so clearly I’ll be getting some work done!

On a less self-deprecating – and more self-congratulatory – note, I did my Christmas shopping for my family so that I can bring it with me and give it to my sister to bring home and store until December 254. Because shipping is pricey and I am nothing if not a cheap, cheap woman. I did take pity on my dear sister and made sure that my presents are very, very small, as she doesn’t have a huge house in which to store a bunch of stuff.

OK, enough of this blogging… time to get packing!

  1. Notice how days never fly by like that when you have, say, an exciting weekend planned and it’s Friday? []
  2. Because the one thing I do know is that it won’t be the right temperature. []
  3. For this trip, I’ve packed a bunch of materials for the thing that I’m actually going to Ottawa to workshop about, plus files for another high priority project I have on the go, a manuscript for a journal article I’m writing, my application for a professional designation (as I’m waiting for my username and password to allow me access to the online application system), one of the books I’m reading, and the online course I’m going to be teaching next term that I need to update []
  4. I usually start my Christmas shopping no earlier than about Dec 10, so having it done by the first week of November is almost unthinkable to me! []

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