Tweet 10,000

Without even noticing, I tweeted my 10,000th tweet today! Had I realized how close I was to this milestone, I might have made it something more significant than:

Tweet #10,000

In my defence, I was having a Twitter conversation with Cath, wherein I suggested that the number of grant applications she’s working on was crazily insane, and then she pointed out that I’m in no position to tell anyone that their workload is insanely crazy. Hence the “touche.”

In celebration of my momentous 10,000th tweet, I give you all of my favourite tweets since the last time I shared my favourite tweets with y’all. This may have been facilitated by the fact that, a few weeks ago, I took some screenshots of the tweets I’ve favourited with the intention of blogging about them and then promptly forgot.

As usual with tweets, these go in reverse chronological order. And I’ve added in a few comments to clarify items that made sense when tweeted, but which might be out of context without some explanation. Enjoy!

A bunch of these ones are related to the Longest Game for CF. And the one by Cath is in reference to an email we got at work (we work for related health organizations that share an IT system) about the Pagenet pagers being unable to receive pages. In 2011.

favourite tweets 01

favourite tweets 02

The next two by Dave (touchyoulast) are in reference to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. <sob!>

favourite tweets 03

Renee’s and warmandpunchy’s in the next set were tweeted while they watched the televised leaders’ debate at election time:

favourite tweets 04

My tweets in this next section need to be read from the bottom up. Because they don’t make sense in reverse chronological order.

favourite tweets 05

favourite tweets 06

Again, read mine from the bottom up:

favourite tweets 07

favourite tweets 08

favourite tweets 09

favourite tweets 10

favourite tweets 11

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  • So many excellent tweets. I laughed aloud when reading a bunch of these. Thanks Dr. B.

    And congrats on 10000 tweets! I hope you celebrated with some form of treat.

    → Reply

  • HA! The ghosts of procrastination past 😀

    I should start doing this too. Maybe I could run a competition / vote in parallel to the comment competition (JOKE! Way too much work).

    → Reply

  • Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine the controversy you would cause if you ran a ‘favourite tweets’ competition too! Everyone on Twitter would bemoan your lack of including them in the list!

    → Reply

  • Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

    Maybe the punishment for the next person that complains about the best comment competition is that they have to run a best Tweet competition!

    → Reply

  • @Dan – Oops, I thought I’d replied to your comment. I meant to ask which were the ones that made you laugh the most. Also, I celebrated with a fine cup of tea. Because I am a party animal like that.

    → Reply

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