#30 – These Are A Few of My Favourite Tweets

Taking the screenshot of my tweet for my last posting reminded me that I totally need to share with you my favourite tweets!

And the favouriting of my own tweets isn’t quite as narcissistic as it looks.  I mostly do it to make particular tweets of mine easier to find when I want to go back to them. And also, because I’m a narcissist.

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10 Replies to “#30 – These Are A Few of My Favourite Tweets”

  1. Hey, if we're talking narcissism, I'm just gonna go ahead and say that that bowtie one of mine is my favourite tweet (of my own tweets, not the worlds.) It came out of seeing this ad on the bus for some Ottawa Sun columnist with the slogan “First in attitude!” And it was this older, uber-conservative (the Sun? No!?!), bowtie wearing douchebag featured in the ad and, well… you can see how it writes itself.

  2. I love perusing other peoples favourite tweets. So much hilarity on the intertubes in one simple location. But I too would love to know if there is some sort of reverse favourite lookup. Cuz I too am just that narcissistic.

  3. Try this google search- site:twitter.com/*/favourites @your-twitter-username (replacing your-twitter-username with your twitter username).

  4. I agree. Cilantro is the devil. I just so happen to LOVE the devil. Seriously, cilantro makes me a little wet in the bathing suit region.

    Also – stoked about the twitterverse response!

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