Apartment Makeover

And speaking of photos that I’ve been meaning to blog about, remember that time I said I was going to spend the first half of my Christmas vacation organizing my apartment? I totally did that. And I took photos!

My desk place that I stored “papers that I’m going to file someday” – before photo:

Desk - before

My desk – after photo:

Desk - after

Notice my corkboard of inspiration to the left of my desk – it contains my running medals, LG4CF player ID (not seen in photo), Polar Bear Swim button, a poster of yoga poses, and some inspiration photos. My diplomas remind me that I can really do this school thing, and the giant whiteboard is ready for to do lists/brainstorming.

Bookshelves – before photo:

Bookshelves - before

Bookshelves – after photo:


And here’s my closet organization system – places to set out my outfits for every day of the week – and I actually have two of these in my closet, so I can set out two weeks worth of outfits at one time!

Closet Organization

Let the school year begin!


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