Happy Bethmas Eve!

Unlike a typical year, I haven’t been yelling from the rooftops about my upcoming birthday. OK, I’ve done some yelling from some rooftops, but from much fewer rooftops that usual. I guess I’ve been a little less excited because this year I’m turning the big 3-5. How is that even possible? I certainly don’t *feel* like I’m 34 years, 364 days old. But, as I’ve said before, turning 35 is much better than not turning 35, so I best get on with celebrating it!

And I do have celebration-y type plans. Often for my birthday – or sometimes my half birthday – I’ll invite a bunch of friends out for dinner at a restaurant. But seeing as I have no weekends free this entire month, that seemed like it wouldn’t work1. Instead, I’m going out for Bethmas Eve dinner with Devon tonight and then tomorrow we’ve both taken the day off work so we can get up to some shenanigans. In fact, said shenanigning involves knocking not one, but *two* items off my 101 Things To Do List! I’ll also be seeing my friend Kim on Bethmas night and then going for a massage and dinner with Kalev for Bething Day. Which all sounds like a pretty fabulous Bethidays to me!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to enjoying my last day as someone in her early thirties!

  1. Though now that I think about it, I might do that for my half birthday, since I don’t have any classes in July! []

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  • Early thirties? Ha ha ha… yeah, 34 is not early thirties. 30, 31, 32, maybe 33 is early thirties. 34/35/36 is mid-thirties. So don’t feel bad–you’re already not in your early 30s!


  • Nope, 34 is the last time I can say I’m in my early 30s, because I’m not yet at the mid-point. You probably just don’t remember it because it was so long ago for you and your memory is going, what with your old age and all. 😛


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