Ways that MBA School is Like Playing Hockey For 10 Days Straight

So I just finished four solid days of classes. That’s 8 am to 5 pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, plus homework in the evenings. Plus a welcome dinner on Thursday night. I now have 3 assignments and 2 rounds of a business simulation due before the next weekend of classes, two weeks hence. Plus prep for both a group presentation and a group in-class experiment, though I won’t be there do either since I’ll be in Ontario for my Dad’s brain surgery. To make a long story short, they weren’t kidding when they described the core part of the MBA program as “intense.” As I was going through this weekend, which thankfully is the longest weekend we’ll have in this program and the only one preceded by three exhausting weekends of pre-core courses, I kept noticing similarities between this program and the 10-day long hockey game I played in back in the summer. And thus, I give you this list:

Ways that MBA School is Like Playing Hockey For 10 Days Straight

  • thrown into an extremely intense situation with a whole bunch of people that I don’t know1. And, happily, all of them are friendly, supportive, and tonnes of fun!
  • took the optional preparatory course (Bootcamp for the Longest Game and pre-core Quantitative Methods/Accounting/Economics for MBA school) and it was exhausting, but so worth it2
  • long, long hours of doing the same thing (playing hockey vs. sitting in class)
  • sleep deprivation
  • delirium
  • people hitting walls at different points, and be able to see in their eyes that they are just so done with this right now3
  • immediately losing track of what day of the week it is4
  • cycling between thoughts of “this is the worst idea ever. Why did I agree to do this?” and “this is SO AWESOME! I’m so happy that I’m doing this!” about a thousand times per day

We have a very long haul ahead of us, but I’m going to stick with what I learned in the Longest Game and take it one day, one shift, one Accounting lecture at a time.  I think I may also post this photo of the sign that gave me so much strength during the Longest Game by my desk to help keep me going:

We are closer today

than we were yesterday

  1. My 29 new hockey sisters I made during the Longest Game and my 50 new best friends in MBA school []
  2. both to get me ready and to meet some of my teammates/classmates in advance []
  3. happily, they are back into it the next day after getting a few hours sleep []
  4. “Is it Saturday today, or is it Sunday?” is something I’ repeatedly heard from both classmates during this past weekend of classes and teammates during the Longest Game []

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