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NaBloPoMo – Day 22 – A List

Here’s a(n incomplete) list of a bunch of things that I want to blog about, but I’m too damn tired tonight:

  • my trip to Washington – the sightseeing that I did
  • my trip to Washington – the cool conference stuff I experienced
  • my next 101 things to do in 1001 days list (but I haven’t even finished the list – though if anyone has suggestions for things I should add to said list, I’m all ears!
  • where should my next trip be? (Given that I didn’t have an epic holiday this year, I feel like I should have one next year. Where should I go?)
  • strength training and mindfulness
  • the time I played defence in a recent hockey game
  • my favourite tweets
  • a bunch of photos that I’ve taken by I don’t think I ever got around to blogging about
  • sleep deprivation

Perhaps I’ll get to writing some of this stuff this weekend.


2012 Classes – Complete!

Today marked my last class for 20121! I am a very, very tired – but very happy – Dr. Beth.

The classes in my program actually ended last weekend with two exams, but me and two of my classmates decided to take a module that was offered this weekend from the Executive MBA in Healthcare program. The module was pretty awesome – I learned lots of neat things that I can take back to work and apply – but my brain is far too fried at the moment to actually tell you what any of them are. The good news is that since I took this extra module and I’m taking a course from another department that is offered mostly online next term, I can drop the two courses from my program that are offered in January. Which means that instead of going to class on January 4th with the rest of my cohort, I have *no* weekend classes until February 15th! My online class has one in-class day in January – the 24th, to be specific – but it’s a weekday, so I’m taking a day off work to attend class, which means it will just feel like a workday to me.

So what am I going to do with all my spare time? Well, there will be work to do for the online course that I’m taking, and I am teaching my online course at the Justice League, so there’s that. But without my weekends filled with classes, I figure I will have time in the rest of December and January to (in no particular order):

  • sleep in. Oh man, am I going to do some sleeping in!
  • do some Christmas baking2.
  • play hockey every single Sunday3!
  • make delicious homemade dinners4.
  • go skiing5.
  • do yoga
  • go running6.
  • catch up on Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and Nurse Jackie, the latter of which finished in *June* and I’m still somehow not caught up on it7.
  • read books that aren’t textbooks!
  • hang out with my friends!

I’m sure that there’s even more things that I’m forgetting that I want to do, but this seems like a pretty good list to start with.

Seems that this January is going to be quite different than last January, with my pre-core classes every single weekend! I think this wee break is just what the doctor ordered!

  1. I have an assignment due for this class that I just finished today, but it’s not due until January 14, so I figure I don’t need to worry about it until after Christmas []
  2. I missed the Snow family baking day, which was today, because I was in class []
  3. I’ve missed a lot of Sunday hockey games this season as all the Sundays that I have class seemed to have had games scheduled during the day (when I was in class), rather than at night (when I could have played). []
  4. There have been a fair few “let’s just pop a frozen pizza in the oven because I’m too busy to go to the grocery store to buy produce, let alone prepare anything that takes longer than 35 seconds” dinners this past year. []
  5. I’m thinking that would be a good way to celebrate my birthday! []
  6. I wanted to run the BMO Vancouver half marathon in May, but it turns out that I have class that day. Instead, I’m hoping to find another spring half marathon to run, as I really only get out running if I have something to train for []
  7. Other than the Walking Dead (which I am caught up on) and Game of Thrones (which doesn’t start up again until the spring) – these are the only shows I watch. []


Bulleted Lists Are The New Black

Just finished a weekend of classes. As per usual, I learned a tonne of stuff, the people are super awesome and I’m freaking exhausted. Freaking exhaustion will thus be my excuse for a lack of coherence and plethora of typos I will likely make in this blog posting. Apologies in advance.

And now – a bulleted list1!

  • My mom, sister, and baby nephew came to visit last week. And I totally didn’t blog any of it because I suck. Or perhaps because we were having way too much fun to spend time blogging. Yes, I think it was latter. They were only here from Friday to Tuesday, which was waaaay too short!  But we did manage to have such adventures as fish & chips for dinner on Friday at Cockney King, checking out the boardwalk at the New West Quay (since I now live near there and all), a trip to Granville Island, and, because my family is so awesome, finished setting up the apartment2
  • We also had our housewarming party last weekend which I also failed to blog. It was super awesome to actually be able to host a party3 and to be able to show off our lovely view – which was the first thing that pretty much everyone commented on when they came into the apartment. And Devon got to show off his mad bar tending skills, which were also highly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a great party. Also, we somehow seemed to have ended up with more booze than when we started, so you all need to come back again to drink said booze.
  • Another thing I failed at was taking photos while my family was visiting was taking photos. I took a grand total of one – it’s my mom holding my baby nephew Thomas, who in turn is holding a pint of Guinness4:

Grandma, Baby Thomas and pint of Guinness.

  • My nephew Thomas is the best baby in the whole wide world! He’s adorable and hilarious and extremely brilliant5. He also loves to watch kitchen appliances in action – especially the mixer and the coffee grinder. Seriously, he lost his little mind anytime the coffee grinder was turned on – wherever he was in the apartment, as soon as he heard the coffee grinder, he’d crawl as quick as a flash into the kitchen and insist on being picked up by whoever was closest to the grinder. And then when it was done he’s stick his hand out towards it, which is his baby way of saying, “More! Grind more coffee! This is the most entertaining thing in the entire world and I MUST SEE MORE OF IT!” Now I can’t grind coffee without feeling guilty that Thomas isn’t here to watch it.
  • In class this weekend, we spent some time with students visiting from Shanghai, where UBC has an MBA program (known as the “International MBA”), which was pretty cool. We had lunch with them at the Hotel Vancouver and then they joined us for a discussion on a case study of a trade dispute between China and the US over solar panels. It was pretty cool getting to know the students and hear about what they are up to in China. We will see them again in just under 2 weeks to do another case study – this time on Cirque du Soleil!
  • I have sooo many more things to blog about6, but it’s way past my bedtime, so those things will have to wait!
  1. Somehow bulleted lists make my lack of coherence seem less obvious than if I tried to write paragraphs with segues and suchlike. Or so I like to tell myself []
  2. We had only gotten the key to our storage locker just a few days before they arrived, so it was actually a bit of a miracle that we got our place *mostly* set up before they got here, but there was a coffee table to put together, furniture to rearrange, and things to clean! []
  3. As the vast majority of people would never come out to my old place. Not that I’d blame them! []
  4. For the record, in case anyone is thinks I’d actually give a baby a pint of Guinness, let me clarify that that was a stress ball in the shape of a pint of Guinness – also known as a “stress pint.” []
  5. Not that I’m biased or anything. []
  6. Note to self: Those things include, but are not limited to: my new plants, my new t-shirts, the May Challenge, Prosper, a whole bunch of photos that I have collected here, there, and everywhere []


Ways that MBA School is Like Playing Hockey For 10 Days Straight

So I just finished four solid days of classes. That’s 8 am to 5 pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, plus homework in the evenings. Plus a welcome dinner on Thursday night. I now have 3 assignments and 2 rounds of a business simulation due before the next weekend of classes, two weeks hence. Plus prep for both a group presentation and a group in-class experiment, though I won’t be there do either since I’ll be in Ontario for my Dad’s brain surgery. To make a long story short, they weren’t kidding when they described the core part of the MBA program as “intense.” As I was going through this weekend, which thankfully is the longest weekend we’ll have in this program and the only one preceded by three exhausting weekends of pre-core courses, I kept noticing similarities between this program and the 10-day long hockey game I played in back in the summer. And thus, I give you this list:

Ways that MBA School is Like Playing Hockey For 10 Days Straight

  • thrown into an extremely intense situation with a whole bunch of people that I don’t know1. And, happily, all of them are friendly, supportive, and tonnes of fun!
  • took the optional preparatory course (Bootcamp for the Longest Game and pre-core Quantitative Methods/Accounting/Economics for MBA school) and it was exhausting, but so worth it2
  • long, long hours of doing the same thing (playing hockey vs. sitting in class)
  • sleep deprivation
  • delirium
  • people hitting walls at different points, and be able to see in their eyes that they are just so done with this right now3
  • immediately losing track of what day of the week it is4
  • cycling between thoughts of “this is the worst idea ever. Why did I agree to do this?” and “this is SO AWESOME! I’m so happy that I’m doing this!” about a thousand times per day

We have a very long haul ahead of us, but I’m going to stick with what I learned in the Longest Game and take it one day, one shift, one Accounting lecture at a time.  I think I may also post this photo of the sign that gave me so much strength during the Longest Game by my desk to help keep me going:

We are closer today

than we were yesterday

  1. My 29 new hockey sisters I made during the Longest Game and my 50 new best friends in MBA school []
  2. both to get me ready and to meet some of my teammates/classmates in advance []
  3. happily, they are back into it the next day after getting a few hours sleep []
  4. “Is it Saturday today, or is it Sunday?” is something I’ repeatedly heard from both classmates during this past weekend of classes and teammates during the Longest Game []


Bulleted Lists – Because I’m Too Tired To Write A Real Blog Posting

Ever so tired, brain too fried to put together coherent paragraphs, so instead you get bulleted lists. Because really, who doesn’t love a good bulleted list? Also, incoherence. My Dad

  • My dad’s operation, which will be at least 10 hours long (!), is scheduled for Feb 8. I will be flying out to Ontario to be with my family at that time.
  • I’m so thankful that I have a very understanding boss and that my school is understanding as well.
  • My friends and colleagues have also been so supportive and it’s meant the world to me. Kind words, offers of drives to and from airports, stories of similar surgeries that have been wonderfully successful and all the other support offered are all helping me and my family a lot.


  • When I said that I’d likely be posting a lot fewer blog postings once school started, I wasn’t kidding – it feels like forever since I last blogged! In preparation for the first weekend of real classes1, I’ve spent the last three nights reading pretty much from the time I’ve gotten home from work until the time I’ve fallen into bed exhausted. This is in addition to the fact that I’d started reading prior to this week AND I had to do a bunch of administrative-y things – like buying textbooks, downloading a course binder of materials, signing up for various websites, etc. etc., that I’ve been chipping away at over this month.
  • One of our profs told us we aren’t allowed to whine about our workloads because if we have time and energy to whine, we should use that time and energy to get our work done instead of whining. So, for the record, I am not whining – I am merely stating facts
  • Because I am a nerd, I’m tracking the hours I’m spending on homework using a program called Time Edition 2. I’m not sure if seeing this  will make me feel validated that I’m working hard enough or make me want to throw up when I see how much time I’ve spent on homework. Either way, I’m sure there will be graphs of this data in future blog postings.
  • Tomorrow night is the welcome dinner for the program and we have to wear business attire. I’m very excited to have an excuse to wear my designer suit!


  • I really freaking love my work. I do such cool things and work with such great people. Things are ramping up for the AWESOME Project and I am SO EXCITED about that. Also, another work trip to Ottawa is coming up, which makes me squeee!
  • In less awesome news, I got my first ever rejection from an academic journal for a paper that I submitted. Boo-urns! We are going to adapt it to submit to a different journal, so fingers crossed!


  • Given my January schedule of 8 hours of work or school 6 days a week, with the 7th day of the week being a 14.5 hour day of work plus driving to school, I’ve done virtually no physical activity this month, save for a couple of hockey games that mercifully fell on Sunday nights after I finished school. I think I need to force myself to make some time for at least some short distance jogs and the occasional yoga class because I feel like crap when I don’t get exercise.
  • These long hours are really not doing well for me nutrition-wise. I haven’t had time to go to a grocery store in ages and my game plan for this week turned out to be to order lots of pizza last night, so I’d have enough for not only last night’s dinner, but today’s lunch, today’s dinner, tomorrow’s lunch and probably Saturday’s lunch as well3. Clearly, I need a better system!

I really thought I had something else to say, but now I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. Anyhoo, headed to bed now. So. Freaking. Tired! Update: OK, I remembered what I wanted to say, which was: If this week is any indication, I think I need to buy stocks in Pepsi. Because at the rate I’ve be downing diet Pepsis, they are going to be one hellava profitable company in the next 28 months of my schooling!

  1. As opposed to the pre-core classes I’ve had the past three weekends []
  2. For the record, I have no affiliation with the Time Edition people. It just seemed like a handy time tracking program and I’m going to test it out. I’ll probably blog a review, should I ever have time to blog ever again []
  3. School is providing tomorrow’s dinner & Friday’s lunch []


100 Things That Make Me Happy

When I created my 101 things to do in 1001 days list, I admit that I looked around at other people’s 101 lists for ideas1 and one of the ideas I stole commandeered was to make a list of 100 things that make me happy2. And I decided that I wanted the list to be really genuine – not just things that are OK or things that sound good, but things that, when I see/hear/smell/do/think about them, really, truly make me smile.

So it’s taken me many, many months to compile this list  ((I started it on July 31, 2009!)) – I’ve been adding to it here and there as I think of things3. And it seems rather appropriate to blog such a list today, because it’s Thanksgiving! And it’s also the LAST DAY of my 1001 days – and thus I get to cross this one last thing off my list! Booyah!

And now, in no particular order, 100 things that make me happy are:

  1. my niece – everything about her
  2. my nephew – he’s a perfect baby!!
  3. the smell of a hockey arena
  4. the purr of a contented cat
  5. my Smart car
  6. drinking a properly brewed cup of tea
  7. the satisfaction of figuring out a plot point or clever turn in a book4 or TV show5 or movie6
  8. the sound of a skate blade cutting through the ice as you skate fast around the rink
  9. a good run7
  10. figuring out a short cut in a computer program that I commonly use
  11. the smell of a burning cedar
  12. cutting into an avocado and discovering that it is just the perfect level of ripeness
  13. fresh bannock8
  14. the smell of vanilla
  15. keyboard cat
  16. the feel of the wind as you ski down a mountain
  17. The Ninjas by the Bare Naked Ladies
  18. the moment I get to collapse into my comfy, comfy bed after a long day
  19. savouring a good cup of coffee9
  20. the Harry Potter books. All of them
  21. Zoolander10
  22. Quatchi11
  23. laughing babies
  24. getting an invitation to the 12 Bars of Christmas
  25. opening my email to find a pile of new messages from Dr. Dan. Because I *know* that there will be much hilarity within.
  26. grilled cheese sandwiches
  27. cilantro
  28. the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Especially the FSM doll that my brother-in-common law Jeff made for me
  29. the phrase “brother-in-common-law”
  30. discovering a cool new concept, theory, or field that I didn’t even know existed, and getting to learn about it
  31. Gantt charts12
  32. logic models13
  33. the moment that I remember that I see things perfectly clearly – and I’m not wearing glasses or contact lenses14
  34. kisses
  35. gulab jamun
  36. eating gulab jamun and saying “I have hot sticky balls in my mouth!”
  37. when I mention Kim’s name and then Kalev yells “FUDGE!!”15
  38. calling King George Boulevard the “King George Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
  39. when someone compliments me on something that I’m wearing and I get to say “I bought it at a thrift store!”
  40. chatting with my sister
  41. when I’m driving towards the mountains and the sun is shining on them
  42. running across a finish line16
  43. phone calls with Patrice. Especially when she says things like “Get a grip, woman!”17
  44. drinking a cup of tea while I listen to The Shadow on the radio on a Sunday night
  45. packing Granville Island Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale into my suitcase to go to Ontario, because as I pack it I can picture the joy that will be on Sarah’s face when I give it to her!
  46. pouring a glass of Ogopogo’s Lair Pinot Grigio and savouring that first sip
  47. drinking a great microbrew at a pub with friends
  48. these cupcakes – truly one of the tastiest things I’ve ever made
  49. my patented blue cheese risotto – quite possibly the second tastiest thing I’ve after made, after the aforementioned cupcakes
  50. the word “aforementioned”
  51. the admiration I get when I bring my chocolate amaretto cheesecake to a party
  52. eating one square of really dark chocolate
  53. Rick’s Inspiration photo18
  54. coming home from a trip to a clean apartment
  55. opening an email that says “you got the award/grant”
  56. goat cheese
  57. making a new food item and it turns out perfectly the first time you try the recipe!
  58. the smell of chlorine on my skin after I go swimming
  59. my ever-so-soft microfibre bedsheets
  60. really good homemade French fries19
  61. truffle fries at The Charles Bar
  62. the “nerd” sign above the bar at Section 3
  63. the moment that I lie down on the massage table, put my face into the face cradle20, take a deep breath and savour the fact that I’m about to be really relaxed for the next hour21!
  64. hot tubs
  65. hanging out at the spa with Shalu
  66. using my iPhone
  67. the expression “OMGWTFBBQ!”
  68. when one of Cath’s friends refers to me as “Kale
  69. lying in savasana at the start of a hot yoga class22.
  70. The song Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce 23.
  71. dancing
  72. dancing while lined up for a face-off
  73. dancing in my giant living room
  74. dancing while in traffic
  75. the word “prevaricate”
  76. when something gives me butterflies in my tummy!
  77. getting a package in the mail that’s not a bill or junk mail
  78. sending a package to a friend in the mail
  79. sending drunk postcards
  80. when I have my iPod or iTunes on shuffle and a song comes on that is either completely appropriate to my current state of mind  ((Making me think my iPod is psychic.)) or a song that I’ve just asked it aloud to play24.
  81. doing Christmas baking
  82. wearing my new satin PJs
  83. going to bed without setting the alarm on those days where I know I can sleep in as long as I want to
  84. crispy bacon
  85. my ruby ring, which my dad gave to my mom for her 40th birthday and which she recently gave to me
  86. my mom’s family ring  ((It has the birthstones for each of my mom, my dad, my sister and me.)), which she also gave to me recently
  87. when I do something silly, like fall down my stairs or poke my eye with a mascara wand, and my immediate reaction is “I’m so blogging that”
  88. when I rediscover a piece of clothing that I forgot I had but as soon as I see it, I love it all over again
  89. the watering can my Grampa Griffin had that was shaped like a swan
  90. when I get a text message from my sister that says “Why aren’t you at [name of location] chatting with me?”25
  91. writing on a fresh pad of paper with a pen that has very smooth ink in it
  92. crossing items off my “to do” list
  93. making dinner for a friend
  94. my PhD degree, framed all pretty like and hung upon my wall
  95. when someone calls me “Dr. Snow”
  96. when the Canucks score a goal
  97. French toast made with vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh nutmeg, and topped with real maple syrup
  98. stuffing, especially the crispy bits. And the smell of the poultry seasoning when it’s cooking!
  99. referring to all movies as “documentaries,” especially when they are clearly not26
  100. candlelight
  1. 101 is a lot of ideas to have to come up with. []
  2. ‘cuz clearly I didn’t figure out from struggling to come up with 101 things to do that making lists of 100 things is hard! []
  3. Which I think is kinda cool, ‘cuz it had me on the lookout for moments when I smile – and that can’t be a bad thing! []
  4. I’m thinking Harry Potter here []
  5. like Lost []
  6. I’m thinking in particular of the moment I clued in during Fight Club []
  7. Not all runs are what I like to call a “good” run. Often, I enjoy the run, but wouldn’t say it really puts a smile on my face. But some days, you just get in the zone and everything about that run is sheer pleasure. Those runs are the best! []
  8. The deep fried kind, not so much the baked kind. []
  9. I’m looking at you, organic, fair-trade Bolivian coffee from Level Ground Trading Company! []
  10. No matter how many times I watch it, it continues to crack me up. []
  11. He’s so adorable and always makes me smile when I see him. []
  12. Nerd alert!! []
  13. Double nerd alert!! []
  14. It’s easy to just take this for granted now, but every once in a while it pops into my head. []
  15. It’s a long story. Remind me to blog it someday. []
  16. You may not see a smile on my face as I run across the line, but trust me, I’m smiling on the inside! []
  17. Which she seems to need to say to me quite often! []
  18. Only a privilege few have seen it. And it is truly awesome. []
  19. Like #9 “a good run,” not all French fries are “good” French fries. I mean, I’ve rarely met a French fry I didn’t like, bu the ones that really make me happy are the ones that a freshly made from a good quality potato, cooked in a good quality oil, served up freshly made, with salt and vinegar. OMG, I want that right now! []
  20. That little ring thing where your face goes on a massage table – I had to look up what the name of that was! []
  21. Or possibly that I’m going to be hurt for the next hour, but feel so good afterwards []
  22. While I don’t actually *smile* during this, I do feel a very deep sense of contentment []
  23. I first heard this song, many times and much repeatedly, during the LG4CF. Hearing it brings back memories of one of the most amazing experiences of my life, of a fantastic group of women and of dancing at every faceoff. []
  24. Like “Hey Bellatrix, why don’t you play Combat Baby?” and then Combat Baby comes on. Because I do that sometimes and sometimes it happens. I know it’s just a coincidence, but it still makes me smile. []
  25. Usually “name of location” = your computer. Because my sister and I chat online a lot and we like to tease each other when one of us is working at a computer and the other is off gallivanting somewhere, thus thwarting the chat desires of the other sister. I think maybe it’s a “you had to be there” kind of thing. []
  26. see here (Final Destination 5 as a documentary about bridge safety), here (the show Portlandia as a documentary about Portland, Oregon), and here (Nightmare on Elm Street as a documentary about sleep disorders) for examples []


Things To Bring When You Are Going To Be Playing Hockey For 10 Days – A List

At a recent players’ meeting, we were given a list of things we need to bring to the 10-day hockey game. Given that we are not allowed to leave the premises of Burnaby 8 Rinks for the entire ten days, it’s pretty important to remember everything you think you’re going to need1 The list that we were given included the following items:

  1. plate, bowl, set of cutlery, coffee and juice cups [labeled with your name]
  2. 2 sets of skates [blade cracks can take time to fix]
  3. 2 sets of equipment [recommend gloves, shin pads if available]
  4. favorite snacks–nuts, pop, chips, granola bars. [We have a selection of food, but it might not be your favorite]
  5. cooler–to keep your favorite beverage cool
  6. bathing suit–for the hot tub!
  7. games, magazines, camera [kill time staff]
  8. laptop–for your wireless communications
  9. sense of humour
  10. iPod
  11. sunscreen
  12. fold up chair for lounging
  13. that time of the month stuff
  14. sunglasses
  15. shower staff [shampoo, soap, etc.]
  16. towels–bring a few
  17. undergarments [just like brownies, put your name on your clothing so longer volunteers can wash and return your clothing]
  18. your own pillow and bed sheets
  19. earplugs

Things that  I’m adding to my own personal list include:

  1. PJs2
  2. thank you cards and stamps – to write thank you notes to all the fine people who have donated to my fundraising efforts!
  3. umbrella – it’s Vancouver, right?
  4. flashlight – for dark nights in the RV!
  5. hair dryer – rinks are cold, so the last thing I need it wet hair. Plus, I want to look good for the cameras!
  6. hair elastics – because I do my hair in braids for hockey
  7. flip flops – though the hockey dressing room showers will be sanitized for us… they are still hockey dressing room showers!
  8. Advil
  9. bandaids – for blisters, which I believe are almost an inevitability in an endeavor like this one
  10. Body Glide – so hopefully I won’t need the bandaids3
  11. white board and markers – for impromptu sign making
  12. melatonin4
  13. moleskin5.
  14. Tiger Balm6.
  15. The Inspiration photo – for inspiration, obviously!

I’ve already picked up a few things that I’ve seen on sale recently – like my favorite snacks (dark chocolate, potato chips, and diet Pepsi, I’m looking in your direction).

But there are still a few things on this list that I need to acquire–notably, a second set of skates, other some spare pieces of hockey equipment as back ups, and a folding chair. I think I can probably borrow most of this7, except a second pair of skates because I don’t know anyone who owns size 6 hockey skates8 that they won’t be using. I’ll probably head to Sport Junkies at some point this week to grab a spare pair of skates. Hopefully I won’t need them, because I love the skates I have right now9, but I really need to be prepared just in case.

As for killing time stuff, I imagine that between sleeping, hot tubbing, blogging, and visiting with all you wonderful people who are going to come visit me, I’ll be able to fill my breaks with very little trouble.

Is there anything else that you can think of that you think I should bring?

  1. Of course, there will be legions of volunteers and friends that I could call on if I forget something that I really need, but I’d prefer to not have to bother them. []
  2. I had to add PJs specifically given and usually wear PJs and I would totally forget to bring them if they weren’t on the list. []
  3. I know that “Body Glide” sounds dirty, but it’s a miracle potion for avoiding chaffing and blisters! []
  4. Suggested by my friend Lianna, as it might be useful in helping get to sleep during the day because our sleeping schedules are going to be all mixed up with our off ice shifts being at night sometimes and during the day other times. []
  5. Props to Lianna for this suggestion. []
  6. Props to Nancy for this suggestion. []
  7. Going over to Kim’s place soon to see what pieces of her gear I can borrow as back ups []
  8. That’s size four in boys. []
  9. Granted, I’ll probably hate *all* skates by the end of the ten days. []


Things We’ve Done So Far On Our Trip To Oregon

In no particular order:
  • eaten some delicious Voodoo Doughnuts
  • gone to Powell’s  Books, the bookstore that takes up an entire city block
  • drank outstanding espresso at the coffeeshop in Powell’s and had an extremely long conversation with a random couple looking to move to Portland from Florida1
  • gotten lost
  • cursed not being able to access the intertubes on our phones2
  • eaten ridiculously delicious Mexican food at this little out-of-way Mexican restaurant near our out-of-the-way hotel. Twice.3.
  • eaten at an excellent pub in downtown Portland
  • sample some fine Oregon beers
  • visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where we saw sharks, sea otters, sea lions, seals, auks and a host of other creatures
  • eaten at an excellent restaurant on the water in Newport
  • driven along the coast highway
  • watched the sun set over the Pacific
  • done some outlet shopping4
  1. They had a new baby named Juniper and since Nancy & Jeff have a new baby, it easily led to a lengthy conversation []
  2. well, technically we *could* access them, but we are all way too cheap to pay the exorbitant US data roaming charges []
  3. I may have also consumed the world’s largest margarita at this restaurant []
  4. Though I was the most interested in going outlet shopping, I bought the least. There were only a few things I liked and those things were either (a) not available in my size, or (b) too expensive. I ended up buying one tank top at Ann Taylor for $20.99! []


My Moving “To Do” List

So here’s the “to do” list I came up with off the top of my head for all the things I need to do for my move:

Can you think of anything I’ve overlooked?


2008 – My Year in Review

Wow, it’s the last day of 2008. How did that happen?  Seems like only yesterday that it was New Year’s 2008 and now New Year’s 2009 is upon us!

So, in a blog posting that fits perfectly into my “rampant narcissism” category, I give you my personal 2008 summary:

The Good

  • I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress
  • I got to hear Gloria Steinem speak
  • Got laser eye surgery
  • I saw Madonna in concert
  • I saw Chris Rock live
  • I taught two courses at UBC (Nutritional Assessment & Topics in Food, Nutrition & Health)
  • I got hired to teach another UBC course (Research Methods) and my first SFU course (Human Anatomy) for the upcoming term
  • Tod got the greatest cat EVER1.

The Bad

The Ugly



Books Read3

  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
  • The Pleasure’s All Mine by Joan Kelly
  • What to Eat by Marion Nestle
  • The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
  • The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
  • Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn (just started)
  • Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti
  • Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind The Pay Gap-And What Women Can Do About It by Warren Farrell


  • Principles of Nutrition Assessment by Rosalind Gibson
  • Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches by John W. Cresswell
  • Best Practices for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences, edited by Dana S. Dunn, Randolph A. Smith, Bernard C. Beins
  • Philosophy And The Sciences of Exercise, Health And Sport: Critical Perspectives On Research Methods, edited by Mike McNamee
  • Brain-based Teaching For All Subjects: Patterns To Promote Learning by Madlon T. Laster. (only a bit, because it turned out to be about elementary school teaching, whereas I was expecting it to be about university teaching)
  • Conducting & Reading Research in Health & Human Performance by Baumgartner & Hensley (only partway through)


And what year in review blog posting would be complete without some nerd stats:

Nerd Stats 2008:

  • Blog postings: 423
  • Tweets: 2,2274
  • Visits to my blog in 2008: 32,4104
  • Average number of blog visits per day: 934
  • Most popular blog posting: Hockey Hotties (1062 views)
  • Busiest day on my blog: Friday, September 26, 2008 (460 views, thanks to the Hockey Hotties posting)
  • My first guest posting on a blog as a correspondent for Miss604 at BlogHer

1OK, I realize that *I* didn’t get the cat and this is supposed to be *my* personal summary. But he’s the best freaking cat ever and he’s sitting on my lap as I write this, so it counts.
2A “letter of intent” (LOI) is an application to be allowed to submit an application. Anyone can submit an LOI, but only the people whose LOIs get accepted are allowed to submit the full application.
3I’m sure I’ve read more than this and am just forgetting some of them. This list is based on ones (a) I can actually remember without prompting, (b) appeared on my blog and so I saw them when I went through my blog to write this year in review, and (c) I still have out of the library, so I saw them when I checked what books I have out of the library.
4At the time of writing this blog posting.