August Challenge

By Odin’s beard, how is it August? I mean, really, people. I’m sure it was January about two weeks ago, and now it’s freaking August. Gah!

On the plus side, August means two weeks of vacation-y goodness1! But it also means I’m just 5.5 weeks away from being back in classes – eep! Clearly, I must make the most of my 5.5 weeks of (relative) freedom. And how I intend to do that is to do the two things that I find I haven’t been able to make time for during school:

  • blogging every day
  • doing physical activity every day

Yup, just like the May Challenge, I’m going to make a concerted effort to actually move my body every single day. I’m also going to be trying to maintain some semblance of physical activity once school starts back up, what with my astute realization that that being healthy is more important than getting the best possible grades on every assignment. With any luck, a month of doing so will get me in the physical activity frame of mind2.

I’m also going to try to blog something every single day. Because blogging is something that I think is only reasonable to sacrifice to spend more time on homework during the school year, but it is something that I miss when I don’t have the time to do it. So expect more blog postings from me over the next 31 days. Though you may want to ration them – they’ll be scarce come September!

August Challenge Day #1 – blog posting complete! Physical activity planned: going for a run after my business plan teleconference this evening. w00t!

  1. With a side of homework. []
  2. In fact, doing some sort of physical activity every single day for a year is #26 on my 101 list. And what better time to start it than today! []

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