Taming the Monster of the Lake

Spent the day in Kelowna today. It’s not insanely hot1 and wasn’t super sunny2, so it was nice to walk along the beach, check out the sites and whatnot. And, of course, I couldn’t resist riding Ogopogo3, the monster of Lake Okanagan:


Then some passerby asked if we wanted our photo together, to which I immediately replied “yes, please!”, mostly because I knew it would annoy Devon. He’s afraid of lake monsters.


Tomorrow’s adventures are to check out some wineries4, enjoy an Adult Pirate Pak5 for lunch, and, of course, my weekly project 2 teleconference in the evening. This is a workcation after all!

  1. As Kelowna usually is in the summer. []
  2. Some clouds and a bit of haze that apparently has come from wildfires in *Russia*! wtf?! []
  3. You may remember Ogopogo from such photos as the band of traveling scientists who rode him back in ’06 []
  4. I’ve been to Mount Boucherie and Quail’s Gate before, so we are hoping to go to some different ones. []
  5. Props to Kalev, my Adult Pirate Pak Virginity Taker, for bringing this year’s Adult Pirate Pak day to my attention! []

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