Random Thoughts On My Flight Home

I’m home from my trip. Most of my time on my flight home I spent working, but I did manage to jot down a few blogworthy1 thoughts.

  • Why don’t airlines enforce the carry-on baggage size limit? A women boarding the plane in front of me not only brought on a bag that was clearly bigger than we are allowed to bring, but she stuffed it, after much effort, into the overhead compartment in row 14, despite sitting in a row much further back on the plane. Because apparently she didn’t give a rat’s ass that the people in row 14 might want to use the overhead compartment for their own baggage. So inconsiderate.
  • Everyone on my flight from Toronto to Vancouver appears to be from New York.
  • My sister packed a lunch for me to take on the plane. She told me that she included some crackers in my lunch, but when I pulled my lunch bag out, I saw that this meant a package of my nephew’s goldfish crackers. Hilarious! And delicious!
  • Why didn’t I bring any chocolate on this flight? And why are all the baked goods that I am bringing home in my *checked* baggage?
  • Turns out that all the New Yorkers on my plane are going to some sort of insurance conference in Vancouver.
  • When the people around you on the airplane talk about being “agents”, it’s much more fun to assume that they are agents of the secret variety than of the insurance variety.

And now, an evening of unpacking and laundry and catching up on the Walking Dead! w00t!

  1. It’s my blog I decided what’s blogworthy, just FYI. YMMV. []

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  • I’m not sure, but I suspect that in the airline’s ideal world, an airplane wouldn’t carry any checked baggage. They’re trying to disincentivize such behavior by charging for checked bags, and by not policing the size of carry-on bags.

    I often have conflicting feelings when boarding a plane. I want to be chivalrous and help women with their bags. On the other hand, I feel like if you can’t life your own bag above your head, it probably should be checked.

    I do help them, but I’m secretly judging them.


  • But by not policing the size of the carry-on bags and charging for checked bags, they’ve created a whole new problem of delayed take off due to trying to figure out where to put all the carry-ons. I’ve been on several flights in the last year or so where they delay in taking off was due to there not being enough room for carry-ons, so the flight attendants had to take the carry-ons, tag them, get them checked (free of charge, because they were brought on as carry-ons) – and, of course, police the arguments about people who don’t want to be parted from their precious carry-ons.


  • Agreed. I’m pretty stubborn, in that I almost always check my bag. The airlines have never lost my bag, and I’m okay with the extra 15 or 20 minutes at the other end. The average traveler seems to kind of fetishize checking their bag. It’s odd.


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