NaBloPoMo – It’s only day three an I’m already (i)Phoning it in

On Skytrain. Writing this on my iPhone. Spent all day with my project group for school working on our presentation. Then to a classmate’s house for some drinks. Just remembered it’s NaBloPoMo. Will not let drinks and exhaustion defeat me on day 3!

Tomorrow, I shall write something coherent. I promised a blog posting every day. Did not promise profundity1. or complete sentences.

[Note: Due to a technical error (i.e., my iPhone 3GS is a giant pile of crap), this didn’t actually post yesterday when I clicked “publish”, so I’m posting and back-dating it to when it was supposed to have posted, had my iPhone not been a giant pile of crap and/or had I double checked when I got home that it actually posted]

  1. I think autocorrect is making it at least somewhat coherent []

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