NaBloPoMo, Yo.

NaBloPoMo November 2012Reading Chris’s blog yesterday, I was reminded that November is National Blog Posting Month (a.k.a. NaBloPoMo), the month where bloggers try to post a blog posting every single day. And since I blogged yesterday, and now I’m blogging today, that means I’m 1/15th of the way to completing this! I’ve successfully completed NaBloPoMo every year since 2008, so if I can do it again this year, that would make it FIVE years in a row!

I’m also two days into the November Three-way Challenge of Awesomeness, which is going just swimmingly1. Yesterday I had to work from 8 am until 7 pm, as I had to attend the launch of a program at two different hospitals, once of which didn’t a morning coffee session launch and the other of which did a dinner launch event. And, being the evaluator for the initiative, I needed to be at both events to discuss the essential evaluation issues. Which meant an 11 hour work day. I’d originally thought I’d have some time to do some office yoga, you know, with it being an 11 hour work day and all, but with the various events and meetings and traveling to said events and meetings and scrambling to get a few tasks done in between said events and meetings and traveling, I barely had time to scarf done my lunch at my desk, let alone get my bend on.

But I knew that I couldn’t fail on the November Three-way Challenge of Awesomeness *on the very first day* – see, there’s that accountability thing we were talking about – so when I got home after my 11 hour work day, rather than saying “I’m sooo tired, I just want to sit on the couch and read/surf the Internet”, I said, “I have to do some physical activity!” And I headed down to the exercise room with my computer, where I rode the exercise bike while watching an episode of Dexter2! October Beth would not have done that, but November Beth was completely motivated. And the 50 minutes of biking flew by! Go me!

Today I have a teleconference at 11 am, so that should be good for at least a half an hour of yoga stretches! And then I’ll be 1/15th of the way done my NTWCoFA! Hooray for challenges!

  1. Though I haven’t, as of yet, gone swimming. []
  2. I’m still an episode behind, so no one tell me what’s happened in the most recent episode! []

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